Rejected TTT_LookAtThatView, A PayDay Map

Discussion in 'Maps' started by john redcorn, Sep 20, 2016.

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  1. john redcorn

    john redcorn strangers like me VIP Emerald


    Brief Description: A map based around the Framing Job in PayDay 2, set a night surrounding a nice loft up high overlooking some buildings. Offers ample diversification for game play, from sniping in dark alcoves to close quarters combat in clear light. Layout is self explanatory, with multiple ways to ascend and descend the loft.

    What it needs: Gun Spawns are much needed, along with the need for the removal of a certain mechanic of the map that could crash the server; There's apparently a button that can be used to spawn an explosive barrel, which can be spammed by a player an infinite amount of times.
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  2. BorkWoof

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    Every innocent MUST have a pager calling them only ONCE upon death. A traitor can only call 4 pagers without being caught. Innocents MUST be braindead when detecting traitors.
    haha xd funni stealth payday 2 references
  3. Pacifist

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    This actually looks really dope!

    (I love that mission haha)

    Big +1
  4. Togo ✿

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  5. Highwon

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    This map was fun but a lot of players were getting bad FPS so it will be denied.
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