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  1. Alpha Wolfy

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    i don't mean to be a "Negative Nancy" but i really did not like this map when it was still around. The size of the map wasn't that good for a vast amount of players and the lack of t actions on the map were kinda bad. the thing i liked though was the bread machine( yes i like to turn human beings into bread, totally not creepy) and i liked that it had a t tester and accessibility to the bottom of the map with that room with the cool chair. its 1 or -1 for me.
  2. Sleeping Dawg

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    The server I played on before had this map, it's not as small as you think it is. And it's a good map. +1
  3. Doomblade3890

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    I think we have enough "Sniper" maps already (teenroom, dolls, rooftops, etc.)
  4. Tourcune

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    Hold on, Fixed that for you. Those sniper maps aren't the best in quality.
  5. Doomblade3890

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    Implying we have even more sniper maps... just great...
  6. I do not believe its a glitch, it was intended.
  7. PwnerOfThePeanut

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    Now that i think of it more... the super c4 did destroy a part of the map, so.. i guess it was intended
  8. ridge

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    this looks sick +1