TTT Vanilla Map Update

Discussion in 'News' started by Highwon, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. Pandora?

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    There were many glitches and problems with the map such as, and probably not limited to
    • Constant chaos and RDM caused by the sword
    • The fact that the T room wasn't classified as a T room but as the "armory" which caused confusion for newer players
    • So many places to exploit out of the map
    • The tester was able to be broken to where people could get killed if they got close to it
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  2. pup

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    based god highwon to the rescue
  3. Mr. Rogers

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    I really love Minecraft Village. Didn't get to test out the others so much.

    I'm enjoying all these updates, thanks Highwon.
  4. Chai

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    I agree.
    Will definitely miss Jondome though.
  5. Alias♥

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  6. Beard Core

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    I loved frozen ;( best sniping map is gone
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  7. Pugrus

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    mctiptysky is basically Frozen without the bullcrap. There's like 2 spots where there's some ammo, the lighthouse and the walk way. The t room or whatever that place is, is broken because I was able to not die and hide in it for most of the round. It's also incredibly small, there's no way you could kill someone without someone knowing it's you unless you A) have a sniper rifle or B) in a building. but ofc the buildings are small and they can kind of guess where you are/were and connect the two dots. That makes it hard for the Ts to win unless you have some elite mlg pros on your side.
    The Village one is cool, vines are what kills the most players.
    The weird underground forest place is also small and there isn't much to do on it besides get tested and maybe get a free pass into the T room.
    Skyfinal is probably my #2 favorite new map, but it also has the problem with ammo, there's some but it's hard to find if the round has been playing for more than 2 minutes. Also suicide tower is a nice touch.
  8. Robokiller87

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  9. Drunk Dog

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    can we please add christmas b5 to the rotation as a regular map? it's too good, like come on
  10. pls dont add christmas b5 to regular rotation i cant count how many times ive jumped off of the tower and near the t tester thinking i would land in water

    Edit: Also, I've seen the TNT Minecart not work properly sometimes, I would stand still on the track and it wouldn't blow up, rather it would just push me along the track.
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