Tripwire Mine.

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    If you don't already know, it's common knowledge that the Traitor weapon, the tripwire mine, is quite broken.

    Innocent players can quite commonly walk through a traitor's tripwire mine without setting off the mine at all. As for traitors, traitors can sometimes find themselves walking through a tripwire mine from a traitor buddy and end up dying, even when having the pointshop upgrade to be able to walk through tripwires.

    It's even a TTT rule here on SGM that we can't kos someone for walking through a tripwire mine because it's such a common glitch for innocents to be able to walk through tripwire mines without setting them off. It's just so broken. Tripwire mines are so rarely used by Traitors because they are so unreliable and rarely function as they should. The only players that seem to actually use tripwire mines are those that are new to TTT and are unaware of how broken and ineffective it is.

    That being said, why not do something about it ?

    I'm sure we would all actually start to use the tripwire mine if it worked properly. I'm sure we would all appreciate if the SGM devs could find a fix for it themselves. If not, maybe somewhere out there on the internet is already an existing fix we don't know about...

    If either of those options above are ineffective, why not replace the tripwire mine with a different type of Traitor weapon altogether? Again, just my thoughts and suggestions. Any ideas?
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    Jesus lmao I REALLY dont understand y’alls luck with this kinda of shit, bc I’ve never had this bug out on me, it’s one of the t items I used quite regularly if we player a tight map.

    +1 ig
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    Is this because your tw mine didn't work on me last night on hotel
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  4. I tried using it yesterday and 2 innos walked past, and the moment I walk past it, it explodes (I have the upgrade). I don't understand why that is happening, but it needs to be fixed
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  5. Kurta

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  6. on the contrary, I have used the trip mine every single time I was a traitor. I've planted the mines in front of 5 people several times and got away with it. soon after when I leave the scene i just watch as I get the hit marker on my screen letting me know people died from the trip mine that I had set. I honestly don't see a problem with trip mines at the moment.

    but there have been time where some people just bunny hop over it and it pisses me off

    Nevertheless its not really a good idea for someone (a traitor) to even get close to any explosive device. if you get close to it what happens if an innocent happens to walk right next to you or walk towards it just to for fun and because he wants the round to end. which I have witnessed several times (someone just walking, an innocent, towards the trip mine as they knew it was there and kills 5 people along with a traitor buddy because he got to close to fire and burned with everyone)

    I've been on Serious Good awhile and I think the trip mine faulty as it is should stay the way it is because this thread will either get the trip mine nerfed or worse removed.

    so I say this again if you see a trip mine and you're a traitor please just STAY AWAY from it.
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    I've had a few instances where I walked through the tripmine twice as an inno (Well after activation) then the third time I moved past, it exploded. I've had times where it exploded when I was a T falling into the T-room in Innomotel and I was the only one there (And a T). I've placed it down and have had it explode instantly on me, either because a door or a body was nudged in some way, even before it activates. All of these are incredibly infrequent, but it still happens
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    There is no rule that you can't KOS someone for walking through a tripwire. The rule states you can't KOS someone for being near one.

    You can still KOS someone for walking through a tripwire

    tbh I haven't had this problem but if it happens then +1

    This should also be in the Bug Report section not the Weapon Suggestions :oops:
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