transferring vip

Discussion in 'Store and Donations' started by HAZOP, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. HAZOP


    from cthulhuthecoon to SMITH_246
  2. Noctorious

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    Use this website to find the steam_ID of each account:

    The steam_ID for your new account is: STEAM_0:1:121298417

    I do not know your old accounts steam ID please find it and post it.

    @Highwon I believe he meant to say "Highwon please transfer my VIP to my new account because I'm no longer using my brother's as I was before. Thank you for your time oh great and glorious leader"
  3. HAZOP


    i didnt know the procedure thank you based mods. all hail the mods!
  4. HAZOP


    This is my brothers account STEAM_0:0:54889960 oh Highwon could you please transfer my VIP to my new account.
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  5. Highwon

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    We don't do transfers unless the new account is your own account and you stop using the old account. Also the account that currently has VIP would need to make the request.
  6. HAZOP


    My new account is my own and i recently dissociated it from my brothers. He has no intentions of playing on the serious ttt servers from what i know. Should I just re associate my account on here and make another request?