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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by theteutonic, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. Thanks4TheFish

    Thanks4TheFish (Fish) Banned

    After further studying your video im not really convinced by what you say proves you're not hacking. Please post videos of you playing Garrys mod. This is an aimbotter in CS:GO that has a similar play style to you, I personally don't see much of a difference. Now this shows a more obvious hacker but at some points the same "Snap" can bee seen.
  2. theteutonic

    theteutonic Active Member

    This guy's wallhacking, not even aimbotting, I'm confused as to what you're trying to say here with this video. It's obvious he can see through the walls as he's preaiming all the corners with PERFECT reflexes... When you know where everyone is, it's easy to "pretend" that you have to snap to people but he's already prepared to do so.

    Besides, this is a video someone is making of a suspected hacker, and in this case he happens to be wallhacking. There is not much there that proves he's aimbotting however, if you want to ask any pro players how snapping is done, it's muscle memory, it can be trained:
  3. theteutonic

    theteutonic Active Member

    In this video, which is a clip from DREAMHACK WINTER LAN, n0thing shows how fast the snaps can be and that demos can't capture it fast enough in some cases, and that the snaps aren't perfectly precise like in the second kill, he overflicks and pulls down to adjust for recoil, which you can actually see me do in two different instances in my demos. Have you actually watched the demo inside CS:GO and slow down the playback to see where my crosshair goes? It's nothing like what an aimbot will do and for the last time, garry's mod doesn't have a tighter anti-cheat than cs:go because lua hacks also exist. There will be literally no difference in the video, but if you want I can record a session of garry's mod and I can show you I start up my game with NO external applications. If you won't believe what I've tried to tell you already though, I doubt you'll even care about this demo I'll make in garry's mod

    edit: sorry, this isn't dreamhack winter, however at esea invite level, everyone is legit as they all partake in LAN's anyways
  4. Killamarshall

    Killamarshall Hmm... interesting.. Smite anyone?? VIP

    Tlock, i have tweaked my settings with cl_interp commands and i like to consider myself a pretty good player and still can't get 4+ headshots on moving targets.
  5. theteutonic

    theteutonic Active Member

    you guys keep bringing up this moving target thing, and NO ONE has video evidence that I'm getting these 4+ headshots on players who are actively dodging me and jumping around. Pretty good player huh? Being pretty good is relative to the skill level of the players you're with, very vague if you ask me
  6. Resyled

    Resyled New Member

    Man I actually really feel bad for you man, mostly because I've been banned FOR THE SAME REASON. This was a different server, but same bullshit, they didn't even 'watch' me for a few rounds they banned me at the end of the round because of 9 kills with 9 headshots. I guess they don't understand a situation where people are just not moving or running in a line like you said previously.

    I can't really remember but I assume the Silenced Pistol in the Serious TTT servers is one-hit-kills, and if that's what you were using... I don't really understand why getting a large amount of head-shots could be spotted as 'hacks' when your gun kills people instantly and makes almost no sound when you fire it. Also, I don't think people realize you can use footsteps the exact same way that you can in Counter Strike, I do it all the time.

    Hope you get unbanned man, I can tell you're not a hacker.
  7. Trust me, we watch before we ban.
    Not all of us are able to record but we don't blatantly ban someone just based of logs because they got a little too many headshots.
    This merely gives a suspicion and a reason to watch you.
    We are not foolish. Same thing, we don't ban jut because someone tells us you are hacking.
  8. Resyled

    Resyled New Member

    That's weird Horse, because you just replied in a thread where I was banned without any word to me or from anyone, for an offense that could have easily been handled with a kick/slay/slap on the dick.
  9. Well, do you think we would actually talk to the hacker himself about him hacking?
    That would just be foolish.
  10. Resyled

    Resyled New Member

    Well you're talking to him now, and IMO he's provided a pretty decent amount of evidence that he's not a shitlord, and infact he is a good player who got lucky steak of kills in a round of TTT. This situation bothers me greatly because it happened to me and I don't hack.
  11. I meant as we start suspecting you hacking.
    We don't pm you like.
    "Dude we think you are hacking, please tell us if you are hacking or not so that we know if should ban you for a month or not."
  12. theteutonic

    theteutonic Active Member

    Well, to be extremely blunt here, thanks4thefish asked me for some garry's mod demos which I provided him back with in a PM. He then asks me how he can watch these demo files??????????

    We're talking about admins here who can ban for hacking and such, and yet they don't have the proper knowledge as to how to do a simple record function in source? It's not a surprise now that no one actually has demos of me playing, except for myself.

    Here are the demos
    you put them into your common/garrysmod/garrysmod folder then type playdemo filename in the console
  13. Angelx

    Angelx Always Innocent VIP

    I'm just gonna stop this here, you providing demos of yourself playing which you recorded does not prove a single thing.

    Unless you have a camera recording your screen while you're playing but I doubt that would happen.

    This thread will be locked until the final decision has been made by the admins.
  14. Thanks4TheFish

    Thanks4TheFish (Fish) Banned

    tloCK the videos you've provided have proved nothing. Although I do not have video evidence of the night on canyon you have no video evidence nor do you have witnesses proving your innocence either. I don't see how having no knowledge of how to watch a Garrys Mod demo make me unable to decipher whether someone is hacking or not. I am Un moved on my Final Decision.

    Your Ban Appeal Has Been Denied

    Reason: Failure To Provide Valid Evidence
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