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    Okay let's not derail and please try to keep it civil

    Anyway yeah arias said it pretty well , there's very rarely a deathrun application , prisma has been Dr mod for ages but he can't be expected to be there every time it's popped due to timezones and irl commitments, so with no applicants for Dr us ttt mods fill in. The reason there are so many of us is because we have a variety of active times and timezones so Dr should be covered whenever it's needed

    As for your main suggestion due to the low pop nature of Dr i don't really see an hour requirement working at the moment, us ttt staff already have an hour requirement on 1 game mode and real life to worry about at the same time
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    Due to the different in-game environment deathrun presents, the administration can show more flexibility with hour requirements. If accepted, activity requirements will be negotiated and may be reevaluated or changed at any time.

    My update in the staff requirements thread for death run. Hasn’t been updated so I’m assuming it’s still the truth
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    also I deny this suggestion since this would remove pretty much the one contribution I made to death run other than the patch notes I made prove me wrong
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    facts dr mods are pretty cool
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