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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by TheRealFuckyDucky, Sep 30, 2020.

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    Banned for another month for harassment which I'll admit I'm very guilty of but as soon as I was warned by any mod of other staff I stopped and in some way or form acknowledged the warn to show I listen know and I will say I accidently put in chat the joke I made about the player big tiddy as a copy paste that I forgot I had copied thinking it was gonna be my usual "slay 4 delay". And as for my constant chat spam I also did it until I was warned. stopped and acknowledged the warn so the mod could see I stopped. I just want to get back into the server again after my last month long ban from jabba for slurs because apparently "Queer" is a slur, which is that outrageously incorrect as it's in LGBTQ's name so I do not see how it was a slur in the first place and jabba finalized the ban after I said and I quote, no exaggeration "fa" I've let this go but in my opinion (which will most likely not be listened to as I've made a negative stigma around me to the mods which are very very very biased) deserves some sort of clarity or something to clear it up, but I understand that if the mod was feeling upset at that time then I got banned for loop holing the slur. This ban however has one piece of evidence against me and at the time of the screenshot I had not been warned at all about chat spam or harassment, though it was soon followed, so I feel it would only be fair as I'm a patron and long time player of the severs that I'm unbanned from at least the vanilla server and the ban can stay on the server on which it occurred, East, I know this appeal won't get me anywhere most likely but I beg that someone in the staff can see that I'm doing better at refraining from being rude to people even though I slip sometimes. Thank you
    P.S. please un ban me I really like playing on these servers with these people and at the end of the day everything I say is satire.​
    Evidence of Innocence:

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  3. j3kawesome

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    I've seen this and will get to it later tonight or tomorrow
  4. Fear☠

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    Idk you or the circumstances that got you banned, so nothing biased here.
    If you got a history of harassment to an extent that an admin+ doesn't think you're learning of your mistake, they can easily use admin discretion to bypass the normal protokol for harassment.

    Again, idk you and neither do I know what happened. This is just cold facts.

    Have a good day people
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    just to offer some clarification—the term you used is indeed a slur in the correct contexts. based on the fact that you were banned for it, i would hazard a guess that you probably were not banned for talking about the queer community, but rather for using it to insult someone.
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    So looking at how recent your last toxicity ban was where you got off of it less than a month ago. This ban stemmed from this fourm report and a few comments from other staff members, it shows that you are still not able to handle yourself on the servers. At this time, my verdict with this ban stands firm

    Appeal: Denied
    Thread: Locked

    If you have any questions PM me on Discord j3kawesome#1967
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