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Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by Theinkern, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. Theinkern

    Theinkern Inkern VIP Bronze

    Report or Appeal:
    Username of the reported player:
    Wink or w/e unprofessional name he is using currently.
    Explain the case:
    This ban is pretty far to be honest that is on fattums. He posted a meme about a banned users and last time I checked there is no rule about talking about banned members. It's also obvious a lot of people actually enjoyed the meme. So there was nothing there or anybody complaining in shoutbox. I am sorry if guilty (the pedo) was your friend wink, but suck it up and move on.

    There is nothing or any rule that is currently on about Perma banned users or talking about it. I mean if you are going by this logic, then why aren't the sith master memes down??? We shouldn't be censoring this as it is a serious offense and hating on those who do this is a great deterrence for any future cases. Its obvious that it is needed as this is the 3rd admin to do this shit. It is honestly a terrible thing. Memes make light of the situation and cause people to smile and also shows that hey, you shouldn't do this shit. If you are going to be banning off of this wink then I am just going to assume that you are defending a perma banned user that nobody should care about anymore and majority dislike. Censorship is not the way to go. You are banning off a probably hidden rule or on your own personal emotions, and as an admin that is not discretionary its stupid.

    Sorry @HelixSpiral to drag you into this, but I believe a nice open report about this would help the rest of us know why or why not this stuff is not allowed.

    Are we not allowed to about it? If so, what rule makes this so.

    Are we not allowed to meme about it? If not, then what rule is this breaking?

    Are admins just allowed to act on feelings and such? Because this is what it feels like.

    I understand that it could be causing drama, but welcome to a community this happens, but honestly the people who are banned for breaking a certain rule and law deserve this.

    Also that warning is really weak. (EDIT)​
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  2. Grimoire+

    Grimoire+ Sigillum diaboli VIP

  3. john redcorn

    john redcorn strangers like me VIP Emerald

    Howdy ink,

    I'd like to preface this with an apology for any potential grammatical errors. I'm home for the holiday on mobile.

    The basis behind my warning and eventual ban weren't my feelings nor an attempt to censor discussions; the basis lies in the fact the content posted can be seen violating rule 1 and rule 3 of our forums rulelist.

    Banned or not, both parties are still users and still deserve respect, our first forum rule. Receiving a permanent ban from our community doesn't justify openly harassing and disrespecting these users who can't even defend themselves, and even more so, doing so with information that may potentially be false considering you don't have the full story.

    I actually don't know what 'sith memes' you are referring to. If they break these given rules stated above, I invite you to contact a staff member so we can get them dealt with.

    I'll tag my lead @HelixSpiral to evaluate the situation and draw a conclusion.

    Happy holidays from my spidey family to yours,
    ~spiderman 4; the thanksgiving rendition
  4. Theinkern

    Theinkern Inkern VIP Bronze

    Welp sgm defends pedos so might as well close report and we can leave it at that.
  5. neutral

    neutral VIP

    Heya @Theinkern ,

    We just talked about this a bit on Teamspeak and how this is, and wink's response is just an echo of what I mentioned to you as well. Just because a users are banned, doesn't mean you can go around, spread further rumors, and continue to disrespect the user - especially when they don't even have the capacity to defend themselves. I talked to wink about the small after comment, however it doesn't appear this is the main intention of the report so I'll go ahead and mark this invalid while I think we have this all cleared up now.

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