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    September 10th, 2020

    Today on SGM we found out that @RyanHighman does NOT live in Texas. However, we have not figured out where he lives yet. Please stay tuned for more updates on his exact address.

    Also today we discovered that @RhazhBash actually does indeed know how to staff and is not a vegetable like most other SGM admins. As of now this story is breaking news and is still being investigated.


    True love - Something that everyone deserves to have and experience at least once in their lifetime! Lucky for @gerafe , he was able to find his true love at the ripe age of 26 years old! We asked Gerafe how it feels to have found his soulmate, @Hosi - 53 years old, at such a young age and he responded,
    "Love is not something you find everyday. I thank God every single day for Hosi because he truly is my other half. We have been dating for 4 years now and these past 4 years have been the best time of my life. Don't take the ones you love for granted, cherish them and the moments you share with them forever!"
    - Gerafe

    Wow! So inspiring to see love bloom between two of our very own SGM members. Thank you Gerafe for sharing your insight on your experience with love. Here at The SGM Times, we hope that stories like this will inspire, help, and motivate our readers and fellow members of the community to find their soulmate too!

    In other news, it appears that @Grumble lost his house due to the wildfires in Oregon, which is where Grumble resides. Please send your love, thoughts, prayers, and good vibes towards Grumble. If you would like to help donate to his new house fund please privately message Grumble on discord for the link to his gofundme.

    Finally we want to wish @Frost a big and warm HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Tune in tomorrow for more news & updates about your favorite GMOD TTT community: SGM!

    - Juicy Tenderloin

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  2. gerafe

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    yo ya me and hosi be fucking on the daily, anyways this news is bullshit im taking u the fuck down. pretty good news tho!
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  3. How the fuck did he get banned just now
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  4. gerafe

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    and i did take u down ur banned now lol
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  5. Dodley27

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    Rest in peace sgm times lasted 7 minutes
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  6. Not even 7
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  7. roy

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    Rumor has it gerafe hired moderators to take out the competition but I cannot comment on the rumors at this time.
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  8. WR speed run any %
  9. Juicy Tenderloin

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    I'm a female and also it was a prank i was never banned but we sure did fool you! hahaha pranked~!
  10. Panduh

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    I've personally spoken with gerafe. According to the information I gathered, the mods tried to assassinate Juicy but Juicy survived. Welcome back Juicy.
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  11. Juicy Tenderloin

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    thank you sweetie :angelic:
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  12. Lady Cloudia

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    10/10 I would read more articles from you.
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  13. RhazhBash

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    It's so nice that Juicy complemented my activity. Especially when I have the lowest biweekly activity of the admins right now.
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    I think you mean always
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    I love news.
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  16. Frost

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    Im subscribing to this news too
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  17. Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    Damn everyone stealing @gerafe idea keep your head up champ
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  18. Orion

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    Question for the press: What is your opinion on
  19. It’s like when Ronald Reagan survived his assassination attempt. Although we all wished he had died.
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  20. Hosi

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    who tf is giraffe?
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