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  1. I've finally returned to the server after a long haitus and have realized that I see error signs. Those error signs are the updated and new models from the Christmas 2017 update. I have already tried unsubscribing and resubscribing to the SGM content pack, so that's not it. Is there any place where I can get the workshop links for the new models so I stop seeing error signs when I play?
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    Annoying fix, but redownload gmod.
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    If you still get errors while having the content packs, it's more than likely that the content packs aren't being mounted correctly. First try to clear your gmod/gmod/addons folder and try to find scripts that mount addons that overwrite the SGM content packs. Also, the server downloads its content in packed files as well, so if the addons thing doesn't fix it, try deleting all files in your gmod/gmod/downloads/servers folder and that should fix all your error besides CSS errors if you had those. Besides those, I don't think anything server-related can cause you to get errors from SGM models. Besides, you might wanna just try to not have any addons at all and allow steam to download the server content for you; that should be working without downloading any addons. However, I'm not completely sure about where to find the workshop links to the models since it's not really anything besides maybe the Devs/Owners would know. There's also a good chance that it isn't in the community workshop and from some other gmod content site. I'd probably be more focused on making the server content work than getting them from the outside to solve this problem faster.
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