"The Incident" A fanfic by Grell Sutcliff

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    It was just another day on the SeriousTTT servers for captain-vodka. Vodka was just finishing up a few reports and bans when Grell Sutcliff joined the server to help out Vodka who had way too many reports to deal with.

    "Hey Snuggle Dragon!! ^.^" Grell typed in adminchat. "I am here to help you with the reports!"
    "Oh thank god Grell you are here!" Vodka replied on voice chat.
    *The Next Round Starts*
    "This is going to be interesting, I got traitor first round, Who knew?" Grell thought. "But Vodka is not a t. ;_;"
    "Stay by me Vodka, just in case!" Grell quickly said in chat. Vodka immediately followed him.
    Screaming is heard from a close distance, but no t's were alive but one.
    "Who, or what is doing this?" Grell frantically thought. "The round just started and I am the only t alive, this can't be, there has to be something wrong."
    Captain-Vodka screams as she see three players, all with no name, and distorted models. Grell looks at them, confused by the distorted models and no names. Grell looks at the player list and sees that no one is alive but them, and yet there were these things standing there. Waiting.
    As he finished his thoughts, Vodka nervously stammered her next sentence, unable to comprehend what is going on. "Wha- What are these thh hi things?!" She screamed. "I do not know, but they are not even on the server, and I cannot kick or ban them." Grell replied.
    As if on cue, the unnamed players said "FIX IT VIHN, FIX IT VIHN, FIX IT VIHN!" in unison. "What is happening Grell?!" Vodka said while panicking. "It must be a LUA exploit. Those were our old player, killa, Chii, and Lemon are now infected Once they have you, they will infect your system and you will turn into one of them. We need to run, and now!"
    Both Vodka and Grell run as fast as they can into the building next to them. Grell looks back and still see them quickly in pursuit, still chanting "FIX IT VIHN, FIX IT VIHN, FIX IT VIHN." Vodka and Grell ran up the stairs until they got to the rooftops. Vodka looks down and sees a long drop and a bridge nearby. Grell takes a step back on the bridges and it shakes ferociously. "THIS BRIDGE IS ONLY GOING TO HOLD ONE OF US." Grell yells." "Go. I want you safe and no matter what happens do not look back. These things will get you too and you are more important then a newbie moderator." "No I won't leave you!" Vodka says as she grabs Grell's arm and being her closer to her. "I always have loved you!" Vodka screamed. " I know, and that is why you should go." Grell and Vodka lean in forward and kiss, holding each other knowing that this may possibly be the last time they will ever be able to do this. "I am sorry! I love you too!." Grell says while crying. "Now go, and tell Highwon this important information! You are the only chance this server has from living. Just remember me, and do not look back, for I might be one of them. I will fight them off as long as I can! GO!" Vodka goes over the bridge safely just before it collapses in front of them. "Okay you sons of bitches, you want something to fix, well fix this!" Grell pulls out a jihad and Vodka hears "THIS SUCKS CAMEL DICK" before a massive explosion goes off. Vodka goes on her knees and begins to cry. "He was such a good man, and mod. I am glad that we knew each other feelings before you died. Thank you, Grell Sutcliff."

    If these things are actually good I will make more I guess, just need more people to include in these.

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    Vodka loves nobody. She is cold and heartless. She simply exploited you to get to safety.

    Jk Vodka you're awesome
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    *cough* *cough*
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    NOH! Vodka is Highwon's only! How dare you steal vodka from Highwon?!
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    I already am making Lemon and Highwon. I threatened Lemon with it. :p
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    I'm going to throw you in my van then down a well. <3
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    I like the van part