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Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by rattacatt™, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. i legally require it. i killed 6 people with the huge and i now main the huge, but the golden huge skin is no longer for sale. i will do literally anything to acquire it
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  2. Orion

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    Unless it's fixed to be fully golden, I wouldn't even bother. Also, welcome to the HUGE club.
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  3. that is literally the most beautiful gun in the history of weapons i mean look at the sl8 it has a shitty engraved SGM and it looks like a block of cheese like the contrast of black and gold looks absolutely astonishing the only issue is that that the gold parts need to look more like the ak-47's gold skin
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    Orion - AKA H.U.G.E Novice ;)
  5. Orion

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    the sl8 sux tho thats not the point why is the golden huge not fully golden if it's advertised as golden might as well call it 30% golden huge on the shop the gun on its own looks good but when you just glue some golden foil on its side and release it as it is it's ugly because of the original design on top
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    @Loli-Pop look at this dude tryna fire shots
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  7. ok but like the contrast between black and yellow is absolutely astonishing clearly its not false advertising because you can see color scheme that opalium was going for in the item's thumbnail so you know what you're buying i mean for christ sake's theres a song called black and yellow because its that good of a look
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    ashes fight me right now