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    Bruh Moment Squad Post

    pops from siege - PaulyWallyDee ------------------------------- After the completion of the banan quota----------
    Batman---------- StatTrak_Nico -------------------------------- Banan profile picture requests re-opened,--------
    fun guy---------- A Pigeon --------------------------------------- Creating a revival of the banan pfp meta.---------
    brov0------------ Ol' Johnny "Swamp-Gout"------------------ Only time can tell if this time banans will ---------
    B Mugdeep ----fvmilivr ----------------------------------------- Become as popular as the original surge-----------
    Rydarian--------PEEPEE BROWN ----------------------------- Of banans. In an interview the originator of -----
    no --------------- Ian ----------------------------------------------The banan profile picture meta said ---------------
    jasonsouza955--ST Loser----------------------------------------"This has gotten out of hand"-----------------------
    Popdog-----------Tata--------------------------------------------- In a response From the person Currently--------
    Spinies-----------barbooshka1------------------------------------ keeping the banan pfp meta alive he said---------
    Nemo-------------QuaidPrime------------------------------------ "Fuck you bitch get on my level"-------------------

    Expert technology developer 'Dendly24'is currently working on a bot named
    Dadlybot. Dadlybot is a revolutionary technology with fast responses and many features.
    Dadlybot is still in development but has many responses to phrases. for example if you say
    'thank you' to the bot it will reply with 'You're welcome'. I could go on and on about the
    features of this bot but since we all have places to be, i'll leave you with this last statement.
    Once it is finished in development i wholeheartedly recommend you use this bot on your server.


    Game night -----------------------------------------What's audreys problem with eks dee?
    Among us gamenights-----------------------------------
    Audrey, 70. SGMs resident old lady---------
    will be hosted by eks dee-------------------------------- seems to have an issue with eks dee---------
    every saturday at 9pm GMT---------------------------- Because her staff tier list, ---------------
    Be there or be square ------------------------------------was just all of the staff in S tier and ---------
    eks dee and Roy in F tier---------------------

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    I approve this post
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    Yes, best newspaper out there
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    My banan profile picture was lost in the depths of hell
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  5. Hope you get struck by lightning.
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    Can DadlyBot do my taxes?
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    DadlyBot is programmed for tax evasion
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  8. Can the bot get rid of my good for nothing wife
  9. Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    Sir all you need is a shovel for that one
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