The Best posts of all time

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Spreadsheet, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. I wanted to know what are the best posts on this community

    Funny , Stupid , everything

    I just want to know what are your guys picks
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  2. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP Silver

  3. dazza

    dazza Banned VIP Bronze

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  4. Indy226

    Indy226 Banned VIP Silver

    Report against middle finger funny
  5. Silent Rebel

    Silent Rebel Lead Shitposter VIP

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  6. Dodley27

    Dodley27 Dolfin VIP Bronze

  7. BlueGalaxy

    BlueGalaxy VIP Emerald

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  8. RhazhBash

    RhazhBash Professional Button Presser VIP

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  9. Mr. Rogers

    Mr. Rogers Lil Tokyo VIP Silver

    most of my bangers got me banned or discouraged