Terrortrain 2020

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    +1 hell yeah
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    the 2019 one is darker but it is still dark, you will still never be able to have a fight that does not leave you vulnerable with less places you could go and hide in other maps. I don't think it's possible to have a fight involving more than 3 people that does not get innocents killed by innocents just due to the way the map works of for the most part only having 2 directions and the chances of someone being nearby will definitely be higher
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    What's the worst that happens if it's added? If it ends up sucking, pull it? Let's try it!
  4. I like the 2018 version because it's like Terrortrain used to be. Therefore there should be no problems with the map itself (but the other versions are good too)
  5. we could always do with more terrortrain +10
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