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Discussion in 'Minecraft Suggestions' started by Dolph1n, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Dolph1n

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    I think it would be cool if we had a Tekkit Classic server. If you're unfamiliar with what T.C. is, it's a modpack that runs on 1.2.5 and has way more than even what the latest version of Vanilla has. It has pipes, tubes, machines, and much more! Yogscast even did a YouTube series on it, so you can see how cool it is for yourself.

    Seeing how unpopular the Minecraft server currently is, I think even a radical change like this is worth a try.

    I'm suggesting that we get a second server and make it T.C, and I don't think we would lose that many players who come to us from outside of the SGM community because T.C. is very popular among Minecraft players. We would also gain quite a lot of players from inside the SGM community because of how much T.C. has to offer. It's a phenomenal mod pack, and would solve the main problem that the current Minecraft server has: there's nothing to do. Sure, you build a base, and get diamond gear, but outside of that how much replayability does the game have? Tekkit Classic has a ton of machines, and getting to the end-game goal of full gear on Tekkit Classic takes 100x longer in T.C. than it does in Vanilla, and there's more you can do after that.

    Launcher download
    Server download
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  2. Panda With a Gun

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    Does tekkit have galactic craft?
  3. Dolph1n

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    Not the version I am suggesting. You're thinking of Tekkit: A New Frontier.
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  4. Zypther

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    im 50/50 cause well, old minecraft is old, but otherwise its modded +124890123412341234
  5. The devs could always put together a custom mod pack, might be fun:p
  6. Paradox

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    -11111 ewwww old mc tekkits laggy make a custom 1.7.10 pack minimum :/
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  7. Yea, I think that's one of the major negatives to having a modded server, old versions of mc to play with out of date mods. I'm sure the more popular mods/modpacks are updated, but who knows.
  8. Paradox

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    Most of the classics and good ones are 1.7.10 ghost blocks etc otherwise a lot are 1.10.2 as well. And few 1.11.2
  9. Yeah that might be a problem for some who want a more up to date server :p but still might be fun if executed right
  10. Python~

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    Yes, scrap what the devs have been working on for months and replace it with a completely new system that nobody knows how to play, nor have the motivation to learn.

    Perfect fix.
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  11. I don't think the server will be modded in all honesty, seeing where we are at the moment. It's just nice to talk about what the server could be. Not that it has to be that way, I think most of us know how hard the devs are working, as well as balancing work and home stuff all at once. Just the lack of updates on what's being done at the moment makes people wonder what's going on. But it's nice to hear other people's suggestions and ideas :p
  12. WhyFi

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    I know a metric shit ton of mods we could use for an RPG modpack. I'd be down to play that. Not really into tech mods for Minecraft.
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  13. Same, I don't really find the tech mods fun, but they're okay. I'd much prefer something that makes minecraft more, like more ores, items, supplies, mobs, etc. that expand on the game, but isn't overwhelming or overly complicated. Of course, mods that help expand storage or sorting items would be fun and useful
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  14. Kyül

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    I find your suggestion really creative and helpful, but another radical change like this that doesn't help to the base problem that survival currently has (not gonna discuss it for a billionth time).

    The server is currently being worked on to make it more "variety-based" if you might call it that. I can´t say a lot, but work is being done and progress is being made. And the implementation of such a game-changing mechanic wouldn't attract any more players in my opinion.

    Still, I believe this suggestion would have some potential if the root problems weren't there, but since they are, I will sadly have to give it a -1
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  15. Dolph1n

    Dolph1n Time is an adventure- if you know when to look. VIP

    I never said we have to scrap the existing minecraft server.

    What I'm suggesting is making the current server a low pop(therefore it costs less) and adding on a second server with like 80 or 100 players and make it Tekkit Classic. The devs did a wonderful job with the existing server, and I can gather like 20 people to come and build a custom world(like what Russian did) for the Tekkit server.
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  16. Zypther

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    I don't like the custom worlds tho. While its cool and all, it takes away from minecrafts natural beauty
  17. Dolph1n

    Dolph1n Time is an adventure- if you know when to look. VIP

    Also we'd have to account for all the different naturally-occurring blocks that Tekkit adds, like the ores, rubber trees, and even the volcanoes.
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  18. RaYm0nD

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    Or a custom Curse modpack for the server.
  19. IAmRelapse

    IAmRelapse Active Member

    Adding a big mod like this, creating a new server for it, wouldn't really do much for the server AS IT IS right now. This idea of adding new gamemodes(or mods) for the server would be great if we had a big playerbase already, but no, we dont have that right now. So i suggest you wait for the server to "boom out" first and then ask the Admins/Devs to add these kinds of things.