Rejected Suggestion for a Traitor and Detective Item/Device

Discussion in 'TTT Suggestions' started by GrumpyBragon, Mar 29, 2019.

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  1. a Random-mat/Randomat

    Just saw Yogcast's TTT vids and also a small part of Chilledchaos' video that they're using this detective Item.
    Random events in 1 Round, 1 randomat is usable in 1 even, if there's 2 detective, only 1 can have activated, can't overwrite the Randomat Event.


    Same Source: Getting Shot while the ringer is active, you take 25 Fixed Damage, even if it's headshot, and cloaks you for 20-30 Seconds (SGM can make an Upgrade Tab with a Point cost) and leaves a body that can by IDed saying you're Innocent. Tho activating the Ringer with make a little BOOP sound. Ringer is reusable (cooldown can also be upgraded by Points)

    This can Balance T-Rounds when the Map isn't favorable to their side.

    Special Roles

    Jester - Roles that Brings chaos
    -Killed by Inno and/or Detective: Jester takes Role of the guy who killed him
    -killed by Traitor means nothing

    -Just like Inno but with Special Device/Items. getting RMDed by Inno/Detective will lose Karma.

    Iunno about this role but it Revive ones killed, but only once

    Prime Infected/Infected

    Prime Infected is a role where you can change from Gun to Claw (1-hit kill Item that kills an Inno, Traitor or Detective and Resurrects/Revive as Infected)
    Infected is different, you're a minion. you can't use guns, only Claw
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  2. Drunk Dog Christmas Dog

    Drunk Dog Christmas Dog i'm thinking i'm thinking VIP

    death note
    traitor equipment, write a name of a player and their character will just fucking die

    regular book
    inno equipment, book that can be read while u wait for someone to kill you

    detective equipment, this is where i write about my crush also please don't read

    detective equipment, shows you what everyone is going to do before they do it

    Special Roles

    Truck Freak
    -Has a truck

    Crazy Ass
    -Kills everyone for no reason and can't be killed for no reason

    -You get admin privileges for the round

    -prop from prop hunt
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  3. Ted

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    Although i like the idea, we do not have the manpower to properly implement these roles as they require extensive hours to correctly implement and get them ready before we use them on the populated servers.

    That ringer sounds as overpowered as a headshot with a .50

    I do not know what the mat does though so i have to look it up in my lunchbreak.
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