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Discussion in 'Archived Minecraft Discussion' started by Lone Wanderer, Feb 7, 2017.

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  1. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

    Hah. I actually know how this happened- I was going to quote you on something earlier but changed my mind- but no matter how many times I deleted the draft it kept popping up. I guess I deleted Chai's name but kept yours. Whoops.
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  2. Bogdanoff

    Bogdanoff VIP

    You don't have to whine if you died while PvP because you're dogshit and you dot dumpstered on tho. If you don't want to die, gitgud, or play safe. There really is no way around it. I as a player should feel free to choose when I want to engage, when I want to kill or fight someone.
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  3. Bogdanoff

    Bogdanoff VIP

    @Amatsu Instead of rating my posts dumb, acutally have a comback.
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  4. Amatsu

    Amatsu Emerald

    This attitude is exactly why there is a problem. When the server started, and had the no PVP in claims rule in place, I designed a large, open air base around this concept, believing I would be safe and free to build. The change to PVP was made rapidly with no real warning, forcing me to first build a massive wall around my base, then when that failed, a equally massive dome. While one could argue I've adapted to it, the point is that the process of doing this has led me unable to do other stuff, focusing purely on the defenses.
  5. Bogdanoff

    Bogdanoff VIP

    Good. You learned how to play surivival in the survival game mode.
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  6. Thorn

    Thorn A Thorn in your side. VIP

    Relating to players who do not wish to PVP, could something like this addon or this one work? Pretty much allow each player to decide themselves if they want to have PVP enabled themselves. If they do wish to PVP just have it enabled and if they do not want PVP they can disable it.
    And to make sure that there is no abuse of the command, have it be on a cool down, so if you switch pvp off, you will not be able to toggle it back on for say 12 hours or something and vice versa?
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  7. Dexter

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    Boy, you must be the life of your party. I really do hope this toxic attitude doesn't get you banned too soon.
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