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    Hello Potential Moderator Applicants! In this thread, I plan to outline what we are looking for in Staff Members for the Serious Minecraft Servers! This thread is supposed to be used as a brief outline of what traits the Upper Administration and I feel Moderators should exhibit. This list is not an exact guideline, but exhibiting such traits will increase your chances of being a Moderator. We expect that the staffing environment be more lax than TTT or DR, but does not mean it will be an easy experience!

    - Be able to maintain 15 hours biweekly of staffing on the Minecraft Server (subject to change)
    - Maintain a professional and mature attitude when dealing with any all players in any given scenario
    -Maintain solid activity on the forums, ensuring that all members are aware of who you are
    -Have experience moderating Minecraft Servers in the past
    -Understanding when and when not to use certain commands and how such commands correlate to punishments laid out in the MOTD and Rules List
    -Have a solid understanding of all the Rules and Aspects of the server (Understanding the Guide to SMC)
    -Be able to both play on the Servers as both a User and Moderator
    -Handle stressful situations where you may be the only staff member online at the time

    -Understand the hierarchy of the staff team and who you must listen to even if you do not agree with their statements/opinions

    -Looking to attain a staff position solely to moderate the forums
    -Looking to attain a staff position as a form of bragging superiority over other users
    -Having a generally poor or negative attitude in recent history or on any other of the SGM Servers
    -Looking to abuse commands for the sake of personal gain (Can result in demotion/ban)

    -Cannot fulfill
    15 hours biweekly at this point in time.
    -Have never played Minecraft before
    -Have a poor ban history on any other of the SGM Servers.

    Question to Ask Yourself Before Applying:
    - What times will you be online?
    - Are you mature enough to enforce the rules and moderate the server?
    - Have you received any punishments on the server? Will these punishments reflect poorly on you?
    - Why do you want to be a moderator? To help the server? Or to help yourself?
    - Do you present a professional and friendly face while online?
    - Is there anyone reputable who would recommend you?
    - What can you do to improve the Community as a whole?
    - How much playtime do you have? Are you active enough to benefit the server?
    - Are you a serious player? No one wants a troll for a mod, sorry it's true.
    - Will you be willing to put in the time and effort required for the Moderators?

    *This thread is subject to change and has been made prior to the release of the Minecraft Server*
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