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  1. Wojack

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    Gonna respond to everything I disagree on you with, Mr. Solo.
    You said it was odd that Rey beat Kylo Ren. You have to remember, he had just been shot by Chewie. He was wounded really badly, that's how he lost. And also, he didn't have much lightsaber training, he had pretty much only been taught the force by Snoke.
    The whole "unexplained things" section is kind of.. Well, no offense, but stupid. It's a series, of course you're going to have some unanswered questions that will get answered in Episodes 8 and 9. It's not like they just said, "fuck you viewers," and forgot about the questions.
    No villains dying is actually a good thing. They'll have time in 8 and 9 to grow and develop as villains. Look at the prequels, there was no room for any villain except Palpatine to grow, so all of the villains in the prequels felt pretty fucking worthless because there was a new one every movie.

    For all we know, Rey could be Luke's daughter. In Episode 5 when Luke was getting trained by Yoda, the Jedi Code was never mentioned. Luke never learned it. Perhaps he learned it when he was at a Jedi temple, could have been written on a wall for all we know or something, but he never actually learned it. So unless he did find it in an old Jedi temple, he could have made his own code based on what he learned from Yoda.

    I pretty much agree with everything else you said. Please don't take it as me shitting on your post, these are just my thoughts on it.

    Now for my own opinion: I loved the movie. It was better than Return of the Jedi IMO. I don't think it was a rehash of just ANH, but instead the entire Original Trilogy. Sure it had a lot of ANH elements, but it also had elements from the other episodes of the OT- Family reveal between Han and Ben, the characters deactivating the shield of the super weapon ON the planet (Like Endor), etc. Small stuff, but still elements of the entire OT, not just 4.
    However, I do not believe that it being similar to the OT is a bad thing. There's nothing wrong with the OT's story; it works. I've said this a million times so far- When the prequels came out, people bitched that it was nothing like Star Wars. Now we have a movie that is like Star Wars, and people are complaining. I say just sit down and enjoy the movie for what it is, A STAR WARS MOVIE.
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  2. tz-

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    For all the people that give Kylo Ren shit about being beaten by Rey please read this:

    People keep complaining about the fact that Finn and Rey beat Kylo at the end of TFA.

    "He's so weak!"
    "Beat by two nobodies!"
    "Bitch got rofl-stomped by newbs!"

    Did you watch the movie?

    Did you pay attention at all?

    Let's rewind a bit, and talk about something that comes up over a dozen times; Chewie's bowcaster.

    The movie is like a freaking infomercial for the epic tons of fuck you and everything around you for the next twenty feet that this badass piece of weaponry dishes out like second helpings of your grandma's world famous mashed potatoes.

    We see time again Chewie dealing heaping truckloads of fuck that guy and his entire lineage with this death-dealing weapon of pure carnage. He hits a Stormtrooper in the breadbasket and sends that poor sod flying twenty feet back into a wall as his armor shatters on the ground.

    Han makes a point of asking Chewie if he can try it out, and then proceeds to obliterate five (two*) troopers with one easy shot.

    Let's not mince words here. Chewie's Bowcaster is like the unholy love child of the original fucking crossbow and a howitzer. The Empire should have just strapped this piece of weaponized fuck you to the front of an asteroid, aimed it Alderaan, and saved themselves the trouble of housing a giant space station.

    So...after being shown the pure unadulterated hell that spews forth from this hand-held death cannon in a deluge of destruction and demise, we can all agree that being shot with this thing tops a long list of things you don't want to happen to you.

    Well, it happens to Kylo Ren.

    And, what does he do? Well, he doesn't get thrown through the air like every other fucking thing that gets hit by this murder machine. In fact, he just kind of takes a knee for a minute. He doesn't get instantly wrecked while careening through the air hoping for the sweet release of death. He gets up, and proceeds to walk it the fuck off.

    But, he doesn't just quit there. He doesn't just walk off what everything else in the universe instantly dies from. He goes out to find a couple bitches, and tear them apart.

    The amount of control, the amount of pure Force power to stay standing after taking a shot like that is mind-bending. But, he doesn't just stay standing. He goes out and fights. He should have been dead right there, or at least screaming in pain as his insides fought to be outside his body. But, he fights. He's using untold amounts of pure Force energy to keep his insides inside, to keep himself conscious, to keep his legs, arms, and body moving, all while fighting two people who, until this point, haven't really been spending a ton of energy. They're practically fresh. And, no training? Finn's a STORMTROOPER. He's been combat trained since childhood. You bet your ass he can handle himself in a fight. And, Rey? Rey's been kicking ass hand-to-hand since before she can remember. Sure, it's an unfamiliar weapon, but you give someone, with an inkling of how to fight, a stick and they'll hold their own.

    Of course two people beat Kylo at the end. Dude's nursing a gut wound that would put down a Rhino on steroids. The question shouldn't be how did Finn and Rey beat him.

    It should be this:

    If Kylo Ren could do all of that after taking that kind of hit...how in the fuck are they going to stop him when he's at one hundred percent?

    </end rant>
    Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/7EhqwbF
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  3. Miller

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    yeah that pretty much explains it. I'm pretty sure the lightsaber is a reflection of himself he is reckless and doesn't really know what he is doing so that's why it's the way it looks.
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  4. ArcticFox29

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    I will be fangirling over the plot here.

    Here's some obvious things about the movie that I just want to state because it makes me feel better about myself.

    1 - The movie practically confirmed that Rey is Luke's daughter. We know that. If you don't think so, I can name a thousand pieces of evidence to support this hypothesis, BUT isn't Star Wars typically too good for that blunt of a conclusion? Come on, in all of the other movies there was plot twist after plot twist (or maybe I was just really young)... Isn't Luke being the father way too obvious? There's a possibility that Rey is the daughter of Han and Leia, sister of Ren, right? But you would think they would recognize their own daughter and tell her. Yes? Plus, why abandon her in the first place? Too dick of a move to be them. So...is she related to Ben? Probably not. It would make a lot of sense, but there is very little evidence to support this hypothesis.

    2 - If hypothetically Rey is Luke's, Han figured it out after he met her. And kept it to himself. This may require you to rewatch the movie (I saw it 3 times before I saw this), but just the way he acts towards her, he's like "it's a stranger it's a stranger, ah she's a sweet girl...wait, she reminds me of someone...OH". You can tell by the interactions, but the best part was when they were at the tavern, Maz turned to Han after Rey left, and Finn left. She asked him, "so who's the girl?" Han smiles, leans in, AND CUT AWAY SO WE DON'T HEAR THE CONVERSATION. Shit. Well, while they were discussing that, Rey was walking towards the light saber room. Maz must have been told by Han who Rey is, as Maz instantly walked down there because she KNEW she would be down there, which is why she pressed so hard for Rey to take the saber.

    3 - Police brutality reference! After Maz's tavern exploded (really sad BTW), a Storm Trooper with very different armor approaches Fin and yells "TRAITOR!" The trooper's gear strongly resembled riot prevention gear, but he threw his weapon and shield down as he yelled at Fin. Oh, okay, that's fine. Then the trooper whipped out this little stick somewhat resembling a baton.... Hmm, that's so unlike Star Wars. THEN it folds out to be a giant electrified baton the size of a lightsaber, much like a stun stick a guard would have. OH WAIT, let's not forget Fin's race, and the fact that he's beating him with it. (Yes, it was intentional)

    4 - Too many more, can't think, have to see it again to get all the evidence. RIP
  5. ArcticFox29

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  6. Carned

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    Straight outta tumblr.

    Is 100% not a reference to police brutality, its showing off that the First Order found a way to counter the lightsabre.

    In terms of character it re cements the audiences liking of Finn, this scene shows the passion FO storm troopers have and the guts and strength Finn had to betray them, but furthermore shows that Stormtroopers have a sense of loyalty and passion to each other as the scene is played out to hint a previous friendship between the characters.

    Nice try though.
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  7. tz-

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    Also, for your reading pleasures... http://imgur.com/gallery/v8L0R

    PS: TR-8R is confirmed to be the stormtrooped called "Nines" mentioned in the link above.
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  8. Carned

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    Thanks for the added background, i was basing my anaylsis on the camera angles and another elements of cinematography but its nice to know its backed up by actual lore.