*Spoilers* Star wars: The Force Awakens discussion thread

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  1. Rozboon

    Rozboon Forgive and Forget, or just forget. VIP

    Just a reminder to you all, we aren't just getting episode 7,8,9 but also fillers in between everything, one a year, so the main episodes ever 2 years (2015, 2017, 2019) and the connecters every other (2016, 2018, 2020). With the first one being rogue squadron or something like that.

    As far as episode 7, it was what I hoped, a good foundation with similar elements we all are familiar with to pull us in and make us love the movies once again. Rey is more than likely Lukes daughter, strongly because of the first lightsaber flashback where it was said that it has been passed down through the generations, Luke's father to Luke and now to Rey, as well as the way she was studied and somewhat recognized just holds that belief more.

    Kylo Ren was a good antagonist, remember, he's still going through training so he's not even close to being a sith lord, not to mention he was nailed by the bowcaster stabbed by Finn and then destroyed by Rey so he wasn't 100% for all those fights with them.

    The music and scenes were all fantastic, I got chills and goosebumps so many times throughout the movie, and it all just gave me that feeling of wanting more, and I love how it didn't just throw all the information at us all in this movie, too many movies do that nowadays because people want to know it all now. Can't wait for the connector film, then episode 8 next year, will be awesome (also, Abrams isn't directing 8 or 9.)

    *edit its called Rogue One, it's about the resistance group that steals the plans to the death star, so it won't give us much more info about the new trilogy but will still satisfy our taste, as well as fill in gaps from the past.
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  2. Muffin

    Muffin Fresh Baked VIP

    But I kinda want Abrams to direct episodes 8 & 9. :(
  3. Rozboon

    Rozboon Forgive and Forget, or just forget. VIP

    Me too, and it sounds like he wants to, but I think it's too late
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  4. Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub

    Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub i'm thinking i'm thinking VIP

    Watched it last night, usually skip any Disney movies because I fear being brainwashed, but I think I was okay (chick next to me didn't quite make it though, actually witnessed her stand up and clap at the end. like who you think you clapping for, woman? the scotiabank theatre that charged you $6 for a small popcorn and then another $2 just to put butter on it?)

    Anyways, everything was pretty blurry cause the 3D in the far left of the first row was bad, but here's a few things i noticed:

    - main character girl (forgot her name already) would be cuter with thicker eyebrows and a gap teeth
    - my dude moses from attack the block lost his accent and got taller since i was watching him while making out with a girl for the first time
    - luke skywalker looks like slavoj zizek

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    that's all, cool movie
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  5. LegitCake

    LegitCake Loyalty Banned VIP

    Sorry, I had to.

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  6. paper

    paper legends never die VIP Silver

    I love this.
    So much.
  7. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    ok but lets be honest fin should be dead because of the lightsaber hit to the back like...
    H O N E S T L Y

    and kylo's face shouldnt even be a face anymore he got straightup smacked by rey like...
    C O M E O N

    and kylo is fucking scary dude, 10/10 force powers, 0/10 would not fuck with
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  8. Beard Core

    Beard Core The Great And Powerful Beard VIP

    The movie was horrible. Nothing but mundane teen actors that Disney want to force on children. The storm troopers inability to play off his comedy relief without reminding everyone of the bad dialogue. The girl is nothing but a new Keira knightly for Disney. Sounds exactly the same and looks exactly alike. What other British accent did the movie have? The new younger r2d2 was stupid and it having the same story as r2d2 is lazy writing. The main bad guy is a tool that dresses up like Darth Vader and isn't evil at all. More like a pouting teen who had his cell phone taken away. The fights were awful. Does anyone remember the non stop fighting in 1-3? This had like 2 lightsaber battles and they were boring. Go look at every other lightsaber battle from any movie. This one was a joke. Sad days. And only going to get worse. And the bad guy looks like a even poorly drawn grundle from beowulf
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  9. Rozboon

    Rozboon Forgive and Forget, or just forget. VIP

    I really hope you're trolling, I liked the fact that there weren't endless lightsaber fights, and not as many flashy flips and stuff to try to sell it off. You also need to remember that theres not many jedi's/siths left...
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  10. kynwall

    kynwall "Painting Roses" VIP

    I've a qualm or two about that statement Rozzy:
    1. The whole flashy flips and stuff are how Jedi fight, they not only duel with their sabers but they use their Force Powers to help them in a fight, whether it be Knight Speed, Force Jump, Force Push/Pull, etc, etc and that's fucking cool. It's not just some ordinary sword fight with glow sticks anymore, it's a battle with seemingly other-worldly powers and it's great to be reminded that "Hey the Force actually does exist and these crazy bastards can use it." It makes the fight scenes less dull and more fun for the viewer to watch. I'd rather see a Sith and a Jedi jump across landscapes, throw debris at one-another via the force and what have you over, imma hit you with this glow stick and that's it.
    2. Endless lightsaber fights, Episodes IV-VI there were like five it was sad, they were rare and so in Episodes I-III they kinda made them more a focus because that's why we're watchmaking Star Wars in the first place, Jedi fights and space battles. Crazy sci-fi stuff that makes our brains numb with awesomeness. It's kinda their thing, fancy glow death sticks you know? I get it there aren't a lot of Sith/Jedi around anymore in Episode VII due to the whole purging of the Jedi Council and Jedi in general, and there can never be more then two Sith at a given time due to The Rule of Two stating that only two Sith could exist at any given time, a Dark Lord and an apprentice. Note that the Sith live to take over the galaxy and have fought several wars against the Jedi to do so, so yeah there aren't gunna be a butt ton of dudes with glow stick to kill each-other but they'll find each-other and they will fight, a lot. The point being yes I understand there cannot be just lightsaber fight one after the other but I'd still like a little more action with them, I dunno I just like seeing them fight with it, also Fin should be dead, all sorts of dead, you can take a lightsaber to the back? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh no.
    Other then that Kylo Ren seems like a little bitch in the movie, I agree with Beard on this one, he seems like a whinny teenager which irritates me since he's Sith, you know Dark Side bad asses of the galaxy. Other then that it's was visually impressive, I loved seeing Chewie and Han back in action, RIP, Fin is an interesting character simply because he's a StormTrooper gone rouge, Ray is meh to me, however one thing that does make me extremely happy is when they show the two TIE Fighter's chasing the Millennium Falcon through Jakku. It show's that the Empire isn't a bunch of monkeys that can't shoot worth shit, or fly like a drunken idiot, they can fly through some rough stuff and make it out alive, just to be shot, a short lived victory but one that shows they are well trained soldiers that still die to the heroes.
    Overall it was an alright movie, I enjoyed it but I wouldn't watch it a second time.
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  11. Rozboon

    Rozboon Forgive and Forget, or just forget. VIP

    Again, can't have the fancy lightsaber battles when there aren't that many Jedis/siths alive, not to mention the ones who did fight were still in training, so they haven't even mastered their force powers remotely, especially Rey. Also Finn only took the tip (sorry if that sounds sexual :p) so it did mess him up but is not life threatening. I also grew up on 4-6 so these types of battles with lightsaber's are the ones I enjoy.
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  12. kynwall

    kynwall "Painting Roses" VIP

    I never said Rey should be jumping around yet or be using the force like she's a Jedi Master or anything, I'm just saying that it's pretty fucking top when things like that happen. I'm also curious how does Rey beat Kylo Ren? She gets the better of him in a battle after she just discovers she has the Force, so a force user trained by Luke Skywalker is overcome by someone who just gained her force powers? Okay, sure but that's a whole other issue with the movie. You might say "But he was shot by Chewie and hit by Fin!" Welp that's fair but for a trained force user that shouldn't be a big deal. In fact, the first scene in the movie Kylo Ren stopped a shot from Poe Dameron without really even looking, how did Chewie get the jump on him? I just want a little consistency with his character. And for gods sake man Fin, Finn the janitor for the First Order who has never used a lightsaber before, how does Kylo have an issue with him... That's just bollocks.
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  13. Beard Core

    Beard Core The Great And Powerful Beard VIP

    At least someone else gets what I'm saying. They marketed this shitty movie so much people will like it even though nothing happens in the movie that hasn't already happened. At all.
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  14. Silent Rebel

    Silent Rebel Lead Shitposter VIP

    1: Kylo Ren is not part of the sith. He follows the path of the dark side, but does not align his motives with the Sith. He actually is part of an organization called "the Knights of Ren" which is why he took the Ren surname, similar to how the Sith use Darth.

    2: If you watch this scene, you can see that Finn is called a Traitor by a fellow storm trooper. Finn isn't wearing anything that distinguishes him as a stormstrooper, so the other stormtrooper must have recognize him personally. Now, people estimate the deathstar would have about 26,000 stormtroopers aboard. I can imagine there is a much larger amount on starkiller base. Do you think any stormtroopers would know eachother personally if they weren't in the same unit/division/category or at least all in the same general field of expertise? He says he works in sanitation, but that could have been his assigned post or unit while waiting for combat missions. He actually flees from the first order during his first combat assignment, so I'm pretty sure he was trained in combat. Plus, we can see his storm trooper friend using hand to hand/sword combat techniques, so it doesn't surprise me how well Finn did with the lightsaber (considering he had similar training).
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  15. Beard Core

    Beard Core The Great And Powerful Beard VIP

    Those space rats in the sewer are good Jedi training

    I was too harsh. Guess I'm salty that they barely had any of the old actors speak except for laya.
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  16. Silent Rebel

    Silent Rebel Lead Shitposter VIP

    Worked for someone

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  17. Captain Teemo

    Captain Teemo Member

    Overall Grade: 8.5/10

    Background: Saw the original series when I was a young boy, and thought they were great. Watched the newer series when I was in middle school, and thought they were okay. Binged on the animated Clone Wars series in college, and thought they were pretty amazing.

    Pros: 1) Amazing fight scenes, great special effects, and overall superb immersion into the environments. 2) The humor they incorporated felt so smooth and original. 3) Love how they managed to tie in everything by bringing back Han, Leah, Chewy, Luke, etc.

    Cons: 1) As soon as Kylo Ren took off his helmet, I saw an awkward young man, not the evil badass we were introduced to when the movie began. 2) Han's death and talk with his son didn't really make any sense to me and felt a little rushed. 3) I really disliked the ending scene where the camera keeps panning to Luke then to Rey, then to both of them from far away, music getting louder, then close up of Rey's face, then close up of Luke's face.
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  18. Wex

    Wex The enemy of art is the absence of limitations VIP Bronze

    They still haven't explained kylo rens light sabre in the movie. The design is still a mystery
  19. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    Actually... someone made a whole imgur post about it http://imgur.com/gallery/znCgJ
  20. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter The Boy Who Lived VIP Emerald Bronze

    I give this movie a 9/10.

    Just a theory about who supreme leader snoke is I thing he's darth plaguis... Now I know what your thinking he's dead he was killed by palpatine but what if he just left him scared and during the reign of the emperor he was building up his strength and healing? In episode 3 Revenge of the sith palpatine tells Anakin about darth plaguis and he said he could save people from dieing maybe he was able to save himself and just look like he died. The main factor that leads me to believe that he's darth plaguis is if you noticed when ren and the general were talking to snoke a song came on this song is the same song they played in episode 3 when palpatine told Anakin the tragedy of darth plaguis.
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