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  1. Python~

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    Bran: "I'm something else now. I cannot be lord of Winterfell."

    Also Bran: "I'm king, suck it"
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  2. Python~

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    • Grey Worm should have died
    • Why did the Dothraki and Unsullied do nothing to Jon? Wouldn't they have immediately killed him as soon as they caught him?
    • Jon has no reason to be at the Wall. There is no threat.
    • Is King's Landing even wheelchair accessible?
    • Why the fuck would Bran need a lord of Whisperers?
    • Sam literally invented democracy and everybody laughed
    • Drogon is just cool with his mom being killed I guess.
    • Where the fuck were ANY of the people at the council during the battle?
    • "We kind of forgot that all of the Dothraki went extinct and most of the Unsullied died a few episodes ago."
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  3. Wex

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    Out of everything else that happened, this was something I found believable. Jon's goal has always been survival, he has no interest in crown or glory and it's been shown since season 1 and even after he found his true heritage. The Night's Watch might have a new purpose now. As Tyrion said, bastards need a home to go to. What better place to be free than North of Wall where there's no politics, no rules, no threats from anyone but each other. It's a perfect place for Jon to be, away from the rest of the world and to live in peace.
  4. Cash

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    Don't forget the era correct plastic water bottles throughout the episode
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  5. Dani

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    What was with the scene in which Sansa randomly decided to be independent and everyone was okay with it? Did the other kingdoms even know you could do that? Everyone else was just okay with their king being some kid they didn't know?

    I know nothing about the books and it's incredibly obvious that the writing and pacing took a nosedive after Season 4. It's just a badly told story at that point and I'm not comparing it to anything.
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  6. Tony Danza

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    I think it's clear D and D just really suck as writers. George must have written the overwhelming majority of the scripts/adaptations for the show in the first 4 seasons because you can see the enormous change in quality in Season 5 right after he leaves.
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  7. Hashira

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    battle of the bastards is still lit af
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  8. Hashira

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    And yes he would be a Targaryen king

    but would the people of westeros TRUST or WANT a targaryen king at this point?
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    Yayyyy water bottles and coffee cups