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    Yeah, Dany and Jon are most likely going to have a baby. It's interesting because Daenerys' stillborn baby with Khal Drogo apprantly had monstrous features, scales, and leathery wings which implies she can only birth dragons. If Jon really is a Targaryen with Dragon blood in his veins - their child will most likely have dragon-ish features, such as distinct eyes and sharper teeth, but minimized thanks to Jon's blood not being tainted by a witch. Their child would be an absolute beast (as a crown prince/princess, and not literally).

    Also, the scene where Longclaw opens his eyes is a nod at The Battle of the Bastards where Jon climbs out a horde of people and gasps for air and when he's resurrected by Melisandre - both are really similar to where he comes up from under the water. All three scenes represent a sense of rebirth/enlightenment in my opinion because there's a dead dragon in the water with Jon when he's down there under the ice. This could mean his Targaryen blood might've awakened, and his Valerian sword could have responded to it. Just a hunch though.
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  2. Didn't see that coming. yet I dunno what's going to happen to jon after the ep 7 comes out.

    That is interesting because people take time to make some stuffs. If you haven't watched the behind the scenes of it.
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    In the words of George rr Martin I dont like fan fiction.
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    Pretty much everything I wanted to happen ended up happening during this episode. IT IS ABOUT TIME
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    I really hate that the night king has a dragon now. He already seems so OP with the ability to raise the dead and the fact that he's so strong, but now they add a dragon on top of it just seems so dumb. I would have rather seen him just mortally wound one of the dragons, and then have his white walker army climb the wall World War Z style.

    Also I loved the scene with little finger and Cersei/Jamie. I would rather see more of that kind of stuff from GoT then see shit like the night king showing off his javelin arm by killing a dragon and resurrecting it.
  6. ooooooooommmmmmmggggggggg.........................
    This is it.
    Jon Snow's real name is now Aegon Targaryen.
    the wall was destroyed.
    every people in whitewalkers are now walking...
    R.I.P Littlefinger
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    Kit's ass :drool::drool:
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  8. that scene though.
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    Yeah it was done pretty well considering I didn't want it to happen, because Brans voiceover provides and stark(ha) comparison that when they find out that the lovers will hate eachother, cleverly done.
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    its back bitches let's discuss

    • I liked the start where everyone is getting together to one place. I forgot that Jon bent the knee but it was quickly discussed at the start and I'm thankful it didn't just gloss over that, however quite dissapointed how litterly it's overly foreshadowing a marriage between Jon and Danny is the only way to stabilize the region
    • Samwell has always hated his father and even stole his sword but when he finds out that his father and brother was killed by Danny he's going on an all out wtf shit ruler why would she do this. You never liked them and i understand that he's your familly but he litterly threatened to kill you so I'm pretty sure their death isn't as bad as he's making it seem.
    • Jon riding the dragon is very cool.
    • When bran and Sam were discussing who should tell Jon who he really is, bran said "I'm not his brother." I can't tell if that's just brna reffering to himself as the three eyes raven now or that he is actually in reality not his brother. at the end when Jamie arrived at winter fell and saw bran I could of sworn I saw some emotion or gear kicking in brans expression but the actor played it so well that is nearly difficult to spot. Is this bran finally getting in touch with his humanity?
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  12. more like lame of thrones
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    Are you sure you watched the whole thing? Because
    they officially revealed that Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen are Jon's birth parents. This would make Bran and Jon and the rest of the Stark kids cousins. Daenerys is Jon's aunt by blood.
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    Yea i've seen it, I was trying to scale brans humanity when I wrote that. Since I am unsure if he has fully imbraced his role as the three eyed raven or does he still have bran in him
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    so would it be weird for him to bone his aunt or are we gonna let this one slide for the 1 time
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    historically targaryens have been married as siblings because valaryan traditions, which is also what cersei said in a scene saying "If it were the targaryens no one would bat an eye"
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    Best line of the episode (in retrospect, having seen the last scene) was Bran saying that he was "waiting for an old friend" after Sam asked him why he was just sitting out in the cold.

    Dany was the worst character as always.
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    where can i watch this illegally, i dont have hbo
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    Any popular torrent site. The most popular one gets blocked in many countries, but just Google its name and the word "proxy list" and just go on any of the proxies.
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    This is probably the first year I ever get premium for it and its literally 3 dollars a month which is pretty fair for one of the best shows season finale