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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Mr.KeffieKeffer, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Elvis

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    I wish the addon had a list of random things it did. It could treat itself as a jihad one click, heal the server the next, or make all nearby players do the boogie. We dont know. For that reason -1
  2. Rhienor

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    Effectively it's a detective weapon which makes a random event occur for an entire round.
    This can be low gravity, "vampire" traitors (heal on damage, but names revealed), reverse controls, random teleport switches every 10 seconds, instant death (everyone with 1hp) etc.
    Just a fun gimmick to spice things up, but ultimately not viable for our largely vanilla gameplay servers.
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  3. Spookles

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    This sounds like a fun round in a box but detectives can control it. Meaning it should be something that would almost need a vote cause maybe some people want to play normal and don't wanna have inverted controls and start cussing cause there mouse is upside down and there W key is making then go backwards
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  4. Highwon has mentioned in the past that he was not going to add any anime player models. The crowbar might fall under the same idea.
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