Some Deathrun Maps

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    Akai - Broken (Buttons don't work If I remember correctly.)
    Gryro - Broken as well (This one just needs a spawn fix for Death Side. The deaths can spawn up at the end area and end up dieing due to the ending having a trap.(And yea the ending is stupid and just gets a bunch of people killed if you don't know how to do it right.))
    Hot Desert - Meh~ It's ok. ( Endings have some pretty loud music and the map is pretty short. To put it in perspective like Oreo short.)
    Corinthian - Pretty good ( A lot like Deluxe.)
    Aztecan - Pretty good (First trap is sucks other than that good map.)
    Demolition - Pretty good (This is probably one of my favorite maps however with the increased death speed i believe this map would cause some problems. The death's room with the teleporters has a door that the innos can go in when they win to kill the death. You can exploit the door much like the exploit on Family Guy with the gun.)
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  2. the uploader said akai buttons work now
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    Some of these maps were tested on the testing server courtesy of @NoHackJustGood @LadyLag @PixeL

    Sector was decent, all of hot deserts have ending music in eahc end and its short, sahara is meh but not horrible and the rest I don't have a opinon on.
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    Lol @Vector , we never talk about Hot Desert again. Hated it so much but @Tinbuster00 was into it.
    I wasn't a fan of Sector or Sahara either.