So.... What happened?

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Why did you leave?

  1. Lack of content

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  2. Just not the same anymore

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  3. Other

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  4. Already done everything you can think of

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  5. N/A

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  1. Juice Juice™

    Juice Juice™ VIP Emerald Bronze

    I only skimmed, so it's probably already been said but:
    Vanilla Minecraft just lacks endgame. You can get done with it in days, or even hours, if you know what you are doing. Those making decisions were afraid to do anything risky, or anything that might offend someone (Such as a server reset), and the server really suffered for it. People wanted a mod-free experience, but the simple truth is, without mods or some really good and innovate twist, there just isn't any reason for most people to stay. It would be like if you had god mode in skyrim without any respawns: Sure, it's fun for a little bit, but you run out of things to do, fast.
  2. SmileyOfChaos

    SmileyOfChaos Chaos Begets Order VIP

    I just started and played the past two weeks. The guide thread doesn't give information regarding the mod configurations so nobody including staff knows the details (ex. the best I could get was a guess at which mobs were available as pets outside the ones locked behind donator tiers). Didn't know job levels reset if you didn't use one for a while, not mentioned in the thread and was annoying having them all go back to 1 on me. Had tested switching them and they didn't do it right away so thought I was good. Several things listed as giving job xp don't. First voting link was always broken. Figured I could just do some McMMO stuff, level up and whatnot, but the server started lagging even with just me on it, taking a few minutes on join and after any teleport before I could interact with anything. That lag combined with my question about whether the server would be up much longer given the problems and lack of playerbase being ignored made me bail.
  3. Wumi

    Wumi New Member

    I like building ,had some busy months but now back and everyone seems to be gone sadly :( Well I ll be online more often from now of so would be nice if other peeps go online too. We were working on new stuff like dungeons etc for server but seems like there were some problems and everything got reset or something :(
  4. There's just no more interest in the game Wumi. They added factions when everyone was asking for it but it didn't help. Minecraft just isn't like it used to be, things were rushed and I feel like everyone else has something better to do at this point (I know I do). It just didn't have a solid foundation to hold it's structure for long imo.
  5. (ØČĐ)™ Atlas ︻デ═一

    (ØČĐ)™ Atlas ︻デ═一 Always Gray ︻デ═一 VIP

    PUBG killed factions.
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  6. auggie

    auggie Active Member

    i got banned
  7. WhyFi

    WhyFi VIP

    Maybe mods aren't needed to have fun, which requires everyone to download, but plugins can offer the same type of enjoyment.
  8. Juice Juice™

    Juice Juice™ VIP Emerald Bronze

    I mean, Mods are required for longevity. We didn't have mods, and our server failed hard.
  9. Well it all happened when I was playing on one of the TTT servers, can't remember which one because I was trippin' on LSD, and it was a Headshot Wars round on Assault. And apparently some lipdick, troffle-shuffling, nerf hoarding fuck named @oG-ItzRebel was recording me (I don't know why, maybe games with poor graphics helps him get off). And when I killed someone it looked like some aim assisting program or whatever the fuck kids use these days was being used. And he then reported me for "aimbot" and I got banned for a month. And you know what's really funny? I WASN'T using aimbot, I don't even fucking know how to get aimbot because I have a life that's not quite as pathetic enough as someone who would try to cheat in a video game that fucking came out 12 and a half years ago.

    Man if @oG-ItzRebel was standing in front of me, you would need DNA to figure out who he was when I got through with him.

    Aaaaaaaand FIN
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  10. john redcorn

    john redcorn strangers like me VIP Emerald


    This is just petty. It's been 4 months since you first got a warning point for derailing a thread by harassing a particular member of the community for a hacking ban, and you still haven't dropped it.

    The interactions you have with other members of the community and the posts you make are often negative and derailing in nature, hell I've had to ban you from shoutbox for disturbing and pornographic content.

    When you get back from your ban, drop this pettiness or you'll see a revocation in posting privileges.
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