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  1. Snaiper

    Snaiper New Member

    There are some good TTT maps that are just missing, there are some bad maps that could be removed, and there are some maps that could be updated. I'm writing this with the best intention for the server's playerbase and hopefully we can have some nice discussion over this. Now, onto the important stuff!

    1. Waterworld
      A very fun and well-optimized map that features T rooms and T traps.
      While the map itself is medium in size, most of its area is quite open, so it fits small amount of players too (15 or less).

    2. Westwood
      Based on the old CS classic, this is a small-sized map that many will be familiar with.
      One of its unique aspects, aside from aesthetics, is that it's set in night time.
      It is not a map with superb visuals, but then again, nor are most maps running on the server!

    3. CSGOBank
      Originally a CSGO map and a Payday 2 port, this makes a perfect small-sized TTT map.
      It has been somewhat modified and it does feature a T trap.
      The main thing it has going for it are very appealing visuals and decent level of optimization.
      This is more of a "why not?" on the list.

    4. Stargate
      Originally rp_stargate, this map has been modified for TTT.
      It is very popular on other servers and I am sure many would like to see it on Serious TTT!

    5. Aircraft
      A very unique map with a nice setting on some form of big airship.
      It suits well medium amount of players (20-30), but will gameplay will not suffer significantly even with more than 30 players due to there being lots of area on multiple levels of the ship.
      Oh, you know what else?! It features a flying helicopter that goes around the craft! It is very fun to ride on and adds some additional tactics for all sides of the Terrortown.

    6. Vessel
      In theme similar to Roy the Ship, but larger and with more features.
      Just like Aircraft, it features a flying helicopter that goes around the ship.
      It is perfect for medium-large player count, which I believe would benefit Serious TTT servers, especially at peak hours with 30+ players on.
      This map is as classic as Roy the Ship and Vessel are, and should never be excluded from the map pool!

    7. TheShip
      This is a map straight from the game "The Ship" with tons of custom content packed in.
      It is very aesthetically pleasing and refreshing considering all the custom assets.
      Yet it maintains steady performance and is less than 50Mb in size.
      It's customized for TTT, featuring proper weapon spawns, a secret and 2 T traps.

    8. Suburbia
      Extremely pretty map, perfect for medium and large player count.
      It's a neat combination of multiple-level areas, open areas and close-quarters areas, which suits different types of gameplay.
      Every single house is enterable, and there's even sewers area.
    1. Datmap v2 -> Datmap v2b
      The map you're running has no lighting information embedded, thus it runs at fullbright.
      This is bad and looks bad and hurts everyone's eyes.
      The creator of the map has made an update that fixes lighting information and the map works well, I am not sure why you're running a broken version...
      Comparison of the 2 versions

    2. Rooftops -> Rooftops 2016
      Yes, I read it, but I would also like to refute that "performance issues" assumption, because it's just an assumption.
      There is absolutely no real performance issue. There are more FPS drops on Roy The Ship, Minecraft, Camel and Albatross than on Rooftops. To say that this map has "performance issues", whilst considering your current map pool of very demanding and/or poorly optimized maps is ignorant.
      While, as a Source level designer, I have to complain that it is not too well optimized, nonetheless the map does come with certain amount of optimization that satisfies 60 FPS at all times on a low-end gaming PC, like mine.
      The new map features better T traps, actual T rooms, several cool ester eggs and has very good lighting, bloom and HDR. It's one of the prettiest TTT maps currently out there.
      Decent performance and great visuals proof
    1. NS STREET
      The map is very poorly designed, very flat, uninspiring and looks like it came straight out of 1999 Half-Life.
      It has broken spawns, where half the people will die instantly on spawn by the flying car. The flying car is so perfectly timed that it's nearly impossible to avoid it upon spawning or respawning from pre-round.
      It features only one T trap, no T room and is plain boring.
      The map itself is not even on any sort of list of maps, so I will assume it shouldn't even be on the server.

    2. Dust2
      If the fact that it's a competitive CS map and not a TTT map isn't enough, have the fact that it's not very pretty, it's very basic and very boring.
      No T traps, no T rooms, barely anywhere can C4 be secretly planted and there are lots of open areas without proper hiding spots for Ts.
      Most people seem to either disconnect or AFK when Dust2 is voted, and I assume the only reason it's voted is "Well, because Dust2".
      The original Dust is way better for TTT than Dust2, if you already need to have a Dust map.

    3. Storehouse
      Why? Because it's boring, not aesthetically pleasing, a quarter of the map goes unused most of the time, very easily C4 spammy, yet end-game with small amount of Ts and Innocents is often a chase game that is boring and even annoying for spectators.
      People vote this map because it looks "kinda cool" from the screenshot, but then end up mass !rtv-ing after the 2nd round.
      It also has various visleaf issues that can cause certain things to appear that shouldn't and disappear when it shouldn't.
      There are so many better maps that more than deserve to take its spot.
    Please consider and try to read what I am stating here. It took me a while to write all of this, so obviously I care about the community and the server. And please, do not look at this post as a whole, look at each suggestion individually; e.g. perhaps you don't want Storehouse removed, but that doesn't mean Suburbia can't be added.
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  2. dazza

    dazza Staff Trainer Banned VIP Bronze

    id +1 most of these, especially the STARGATE map, best tv show ever made
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  3. EhhChris

    EhhChris Advisor. VIP Silver Emerald

    I like the majority of your suggestions, however I don't like the idea of just three things right off:
    - CSGOBank, simply because it's not a good fit for TTT imo (along the same lines for dust 2, it's an objective map whether or not it has a T trap added to it or not)
    - Aircraft because it just looks incredibly boring (but I'm sure if the content team tests it we can determine this for ourselves)
    - Vessel because we really don't need more stupid vehicles flying/boating around the map; the boat on roy as it is right now delays rounds more than half the time I play the map and it just annoys me to no end (but I get it, it's entertaining to some people)

    Again, I'd want to be able to playtest these to have my opinions carry any weight, but that's my first glance (my developer rank does not relate to TTT so don't take my word as a staff oriented opinion in any way).

    Anyway, I appreciate the work you put into this and hopefully some of it gains traction.
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  4. EhhChris

    EhhChris Advisor. VIP Silver Emerald

    I don't mean to double post, but editting my OP wouldn't notify the person I'd like to tag.

    @Carned what are your opinions here? You typically have a great critical mind on these kinds of things and I'd value your input.
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  5. Janppa

    Janppa VIP Bronze

    +1 Westwood, Suburbia, Stargate and Waterworld
    The ship was already declined because of lag but its a great map
    The helicopter maps are boring imo and we theres already a better bank map so no need for another
    Btw your rooftops workshop link is broken it goes to the datmap instead.
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  6. Snaiper

    Snaiper New Member

    The CSGO Bank map is very much different from other CS maps, it's nothing like Dust2, which is why I suggested it, since I've seen more than one CS map on the server. However, indeed, it is a CS map and it's quite small, so this will be of preference purely.

    Aircraft and Vessel's helicopters are minor 15-sec features. They're different from the boat on Roy the Ship because people can easily be shot inside of it and the helicopter has to land before doing another circle, which doesn't take more than 15 second IIRC.

    Aircraft does look boring, but it isn't for a lot of people, mainly because of that helicopter and the fact that it's up in the sky, so pushing people with crowbars, props and using the Newton launcher is a legit strategy. There's props to possess and play around with, and there's interior area too.

    I haven't noticed particular performance drops on that map, then again, last time I played it, it was quite some time ago, so I'll assume it does have performance issues.

    The helicopter is just a minor feature, it's not a "helicopter map", no more than Innocentmotel is the "elevators map". I think it's unfair to say that the helicopters which people can be shot out of and that need to land every quarter of a minute (after a circle is done) make it boring. Many find that particular part very enjoyable, and it's not comparable to Roy the Ship, because the boat there usually never stops and the people on it can't exactly be shot out of it from the main ship, due to bulletproof glass and only back of the boat being open.

    I've fixed the Rooftops link, thanks for telling me.
  7. Janppa

    Janppa VIP Bronze

    I don't have lag on theship either but people with bad computers do.
    I said helicopter maps because it was faster than typing the names of the maps. I dont dislike the helicopter part but aircraft map is not visually appealing. Roy the ship boat doesnt have bulletproof glass and u can snipe them through the windows easily
  8. Wendy

    Wendy Chaotic VIP

    It's good to see creative ideas and well made threads

    My Opinion:

    Waterworld - Looks like it would be a great TTT map .
    WestWood - Please add this, it's personally one of my favorites.

    ttt_theship - Great map would love to see this in TTT.
    ttt_bb_suburbia - Looks like a fine map would totall love to try it.

    Airship - Seems like a fine map.
    TTT_Vessel - This seems like roy the ship .

    CSGO bank - it's like 50/50 since the map feels small and we have crowded servers sometimes.
    StarGate - I dislike it's design.

    Replace Opinion:
    I personally like rooftops (old) but hey the new version wouldn't hurt.

    I don't really mind dat map being changed since I personally dislike the map for many reason.

    Remove Opinion:

    I Agree completely on all of those maps being removed.
    It's just a waste for them to stay in the map pool.

    +1 from me
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2017
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  9. Snaiper

    Snaiper New Member

    Just to clarify - Rooftops 2016.

    • The new rooftops has three times the amount of TTT-related features as the one you currently have.
    • It is expanded with additional buildings and interior areas, thus better suited for 30+ players.
    • There's flood, which brings fallen bodies to the surface and thus can be identified, but also adds extra navigation pathways as you can swim.
    • The water can be poisoned, though.
    • UFO event that features low gravity.
    • Axe that can be electricity-enhanced and used as a dangerous weapon.
    • But Axe can also be a scanner if activated by innocents to be used as a mobile traitor tester.
    • More TTT traps, and the building falling is harder to trigger.
    • Easter egg jukebox with some classic songs.
    • Much better visuals and audio.
    • Even the developer claims that this is the official replacement for the old Rooftops map.
    • Etc.
    I'm ready to spill some blood for this one!
  10. Adrian Shephard

    Adrian Shephard VIP Silver

    ppl still vote for dust 2 in eu2 even the server is full
    -1 remove of dust 2
  11. andrewca79

    andrewca79 Malteser Forever VIP Silver

    I completely agree with all of your suggestions +1 from me.
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  12. Carned

    Carned ✘o ✘o VIP Silver Emerald

    Someone needs to do some searching.

    Rooftops is too laggy when combined with our custom content.

    Waterworld, again way too laggy, even Sky couldn't fix it.

    Suburbia has already been denied by Highwon himself.

    Stargate was tested and denied due to being way too small for 36 player server.

    TheShip is way too laggy on a fully custom content server.

    Vessel used to be on the servers but was removed due to the horn and then unpopularity.

    Airship & Westwood was tested but Highwon didn't add them for some unknown reason even after positive live test.

    TL;DR - I've tested pretty much 99% of the maps on the workshop, and basically all your suggestion have been denied for some reason or another.
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  13. Snaiper

    Snaiper New Member

    I see, this is the standard case of laziness. You're the one who needs to do some searching, because your "current map pool" thread is outdated, and so is your "denied suggestions" thread. It is your job to not have us, users posting suggestions, have to search among hundreds of threads because you supposedly have it all concentrated into two, but not really. So don't come here with "do your research", because that's your lack of management.

    I doubt Rooftops is too laggy with your huge, absolutely insane, incomprehensible, overwhelming amount of custom content (/s). I've never had these problems on Waterworld either, in fact, I've yet to claim one person who has, and I'm sure most of us have played those maps on other, also-custom, servers. And please don't tell me you use Pentium 4 and GTX 460 as your measurement for "performance", though, that would explain why only the oldest and shittiest-looking maps are present.

    Why has Suburbia been denied? It's not stated in the "denied suggestions" thread, and there really is little reason to not include it, all other TTT servers have it, because it's decent, unlike a lot of you're running. Again, you were telling me to do "research", yet a denied map is not in the denied list AND you have no idea why it's denied, yet you're supposed to be managing all that? Funny.

    Is that the reason you were running a broken version of Datmap v2? Because "well, if there is 0 lighting information, people playing on Commodore 64 get more FPS!!"? Seriously.

    You need to up your content and stop with excuses, honestly. You're the only server running with excuses to not add decent maps, but instead keep ugly ones that "perform well" and the only reason for that is because they use 2005 textures with no bumpmaps, only basic light entities and completely effortlessly-flat geometry.

    Here are a few sceenies that show similar vanilla-empty-server performance to the one I reported on Rooftops: In fact, on Albatros I even had 10-20 less FPS at times. I do not buy any of it and people obviously want to see it and no one has yet said that they've noticed any particular performance issues with TheShip, Waterworld or Rooftops 2016. The only person that mentioned it stated that he himself had no problems, but you reported that there were.

    And if there are such problems due to custom content, why not reduce the amount? There are legitimately 10 weapons that are actively being used, the rest are there simply because there's no other alternative. Not to mention terrible balance with most weapons, which I could write a whole other suggestion thread about. M16, Shotgun, AK, Double-barrel, Winchester, KAC PDW, M14, Rifle, MAC-10, L8. The rest can be trashed without anyone caring.

    TL;DR Lies or misinformation and excuses. I've tested stuff myself and your playerbase seems completely disconnected from your opinion. I don't buy it. You're the only server pulling this, and your players aren't amused.
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  14. Carned

    Carned ✘o ✘o VIP Silver Emerald

    Cant edit or reply to a locked thread.
    Rules for suggesting content
    • Use the search bar located in the top right of the page to look to see if your suggestion has been previously suggested!

    [​IMG] from here -

    Nah, just no-one likes or plays DatMap on the servers. So they havent suggested it.

    Because the maps we use are catered to allowing everyone no matter their spec to enjoy the servers.
    Also, the server is the most popular around so I don't see the issue.

    Because people play for the guns and extra content, not the maps.

    TL;DR - I know my shit, I've done testing with @Highwon and @Opalium and know whats what.

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  15. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

    Why not try the said "laggy" maps on the new server machines like east? @Carned
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  16. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    Because the server's performance and the player's performance are not the same thing?
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  17. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

    Better server machine = less lag.
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  18. Carned

    Carned ✘o ✘o VIP Silver Emerald

    All map testing is done on East.
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  19. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

    Well that settles that.
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  20. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    Just because the server is on a good machine doesn't mean the player is...
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