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  1. EhhChris

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    SeriousMC is consistently going through changes and updates as we continue our adventures. This thread will serve as a living document for some of these changes. A majority of changes will be mentioned here, though some will be kept private for various reasons or lack of significance.

    The first update to this thread will be a few changes from last night and this morning (1/26/17 & 1/27/17):
    • Enabled end portal, accessible from the market world. It is suggested that you be careful in the end, as pvp is enabled and there are people who tend to find camping it fun. Claiming is disabled, as is setting homes on the primary island. This is to prevent suffocating in regenerated pillars (they regenerate when the dragon is respawned).
    • Player heads now drop when you kill a user.
    • The automated entity clearing has been disabled, instead items will now despawn 3 minutes after being dropped.
    • The server restart plugin we were using has been disabled. We will replace this soon with a suitable alternative. The server restarts have been automated once again, every two hours starting at midnight EST.
    • Various exploits have been fixed (Thanks @Fabulous Fishy )
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    I'm really bad at keeping this thread up to date- partially because we've used other threads for other announcements, but enough excuses!

    • Permanent fix for the scoreboard file becoming too large. This will take effect on the 2am EST restart, and should resolve connection issues from here on out.
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