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Discussion in 'Rules and Protocol' started by Noctorious, Mar 15, 2021.

  1. Noctorious

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    Okay so I know the idea sounds bad at first but hear me out.

    When a staff member screws up and slays when they aren't supposed to the only justice the person who shouldn't have been slain is that the staff member gets slain. That's all well and good but the victim doesn't get their time back and the staff member can handle reports and other fun stuff while waiting out the slay.

    The Idea
    A victim of a wrongful slay recieves a slay credit which is consumed the next time they would have recieved a slay. Mods would need admin discretion and adminstats could be used to track the reasons for slay Credits with links to reports and such, the exact details would be up to the admins.

    Potential Arguments
    1. What if they use the slay credit to get revenge on the staff member or target another player? Revenge RDM can already be 2 slays with admin discretion, and targeting/harassment has its own protocols.
    2. What if staff members abuse it to give credits to their friends? Slay Credits can show in chat just like slays do and if abuse is expected it can be reported.
    3. What about wrongful mutes or gags? The credit system should not extend to those.
    4. What if someone piles up a bunch of credits so they can mass RDM? Credits would only save you from slays, not from bans. My opinion would be that the slay Credits would still be removed for each RDM and then a ban issued anyways.
    5. What about wrongful bans for RDM? That can be handled in a case by case basis.
    6. Do you know how hard this would be to code? Nope, I'm just the idea man. If it's impossible to implement then that's just the way the cookie crumbles
    7. This has been suggested before. Well I looked back a few pages and didn't see it so it probably hasn't been suggested this year.
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  2. This will cause issues with the playerbase. If someone gets RDM'd and their killer gets off with a "slay credit" I doubt some random new player will accept this at face value and not feel peeved that their killer escaped punishment.
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  3. Lunar

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    "dont worry guys i have an rdm pass"

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  4. Yellow

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    How about we all just stop reporting people for rdm unless it's mass rdm/targetting. The server would be way better that way
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  5. Noctorious

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    This is a valid argument. I feel that the use of slay Credits would be rare enough that it would not be that big of a problem. But then again I'm not familiar with the rate at which staff give out invalid slays.
  6. Noctorious

    Noctorious Your Best Nightmare VIP Emerald

    Just do your job right and they would never get an RDM pass :whistle:
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  7. Indy226

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    Like enemy said i can see new players not liking this

    A counter to the Mass RDM part...
    I highly doubt anyone can build up enough slay credits to do a mass rdm. Staff don't often make mistakes, nevermind to the same person. It'd take at least a couple months to get enough slay credits for that.
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  8. RyanHymenman

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    A counter to Indy’s counter. Slay credits would get you out of the slay, not the ban ;)
  9. Xproplayer

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    Really good idea tbh, but to implement will require using database stuff, which is not some basic lua so it'd likely be a Lordy or Highwon feature to add
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