skycraft creeper trap

Discussion in 'Maps' started by nikki, May 26, 2018.

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  2. Indy226

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    It's just like the water trap on community pool on modded, just avoid that area and you'll be fine
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  3. Wendy

    Wendy Chaotic VIP

    +1, at least make a time limit when it can be activated, cause if u die pre round and respawn in the area, people just activate it immediately, kill you without having a chance.
  4. Dodley27

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    Or even better,

    Remove skycraft
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  5. nikki

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    here's why your wrong

    you can only activate the water trap from inside the T room, thus putting yourself at risk as you may be seen entering the T room.
    the water damages over time and is not an insta kill unlike the creeper trap.
    you can still cross the water by jumping on what's left of the bridge.
    and doesn't it cost a credit to make the water do damage??

    ANYWAY, this can easily be fixed by reducing the trap activation range on the creeper trap, I don't think @Skyrossm intended for the trap to be use-able outside of the T room, this should not be that hard to do, please do this, because it is objectively overpowered
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  6. [MZK]Lightning

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    My honest opinions:

    The radius is fine, but activating the trap from outside of the T-room (which I never knew was possible) is too OP.

    I say fix the activation range, but keep the blast radius.
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  7. Pokeben10

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    creeper go boom
    me die from far away
    me sad

    make radius smaller
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  8. angie

    angie VIP Silver

    Like how tf is it "fine" when i'm literally right on the other side of the windmill right before the steps of dirt blocks and i'm STILL IN THE RADIUS?!?!!
    like that shit is fucking broken. fix the radius pls.
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  9. [​IMG]


    lmao what the fuck
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  10. Dodley27

    Dodley27 Dolfin VIP Bronze

    More like charged creeper trap
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  11. nikki

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    now's the time.
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  12. Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    That's boosted as hell lmao
  13. Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    Beep boop bump
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  14. Skyrossm

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    i say keep it as is, my fav trap
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  15. Sable

    Sable Keepin it chill VIP

    is op, please change to be t room costs a credit
  16. capri sun

    capri sun VIP

    +1 Please, it's kinda annoying when your T buddies warn you two seconds after you spawn in the middle that they're going to set it off
  17. roy

    roy is MOST DEFINITELY a ship VIP Silver

    This needs a nerf of some kind. Either radius or some sort of blatant warning (like a very audible creeper hiss for at least several seconds?). Anyway, +1.
  18. Aquast

    Aquast lordy was here :barefoot: VIP Bronze

    +1! Really needs a nerf!
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  19. Makoto

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  20. j3kawesome

    j3kawesome "mestimate" - Indy226 Administrator VIP Silver

    +1 on this idea
    I do not know much about map making but this seems kinda challenging unless you switch the side the trigger is on in the T room

    I believe that with a trap that is this strong it should need to have a 1-2 Credit Cost to use because of its overpowered trap with a massive range
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