Sir Lemoncakes is the traitor!

Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by Snak, Dec 4, 2013.

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  1. In a way he was "forced". Because of course he could've changed his avatar. But if he didn't? Possible demote. That's like giving an ultimatum, or, "forcing".

    It wasn't just about the avatar, Zikeji. I like you, I think you can be reasonable. But try looking at this deeper. Sure it's easy to say "just change the avatar" or whatever, but it's about agreeing with who you're working for. I resigned a while ago because I didn't agree with the way certain admins handled me, other staff, and some players. I'm not saying Lemoncakes is abusive or whatever, but yes, if they had to tell a staff member to change their picture from a person with history in PORN, instead of fixing other matters that could prove maybe a liiiiiiitle more productive, I wouldn't agree either. I won't work for/with someone that I can't believe in. That was his choice.

    EVERYONE has a history with porn. Why try to hide it? Kids as young as 9 are hitting puberty. We're worried about kids getting into a situation where they're exposed to porn, but let me tell you, as a kid who HAD a computer at an age I shouldn't have, it's already happened. A kid with internet and a computer, his or his parents, the adult industry has already hit him. And a tiny ass picture you only see when someone kills you in-game, and a spray, is NOTHING to be worried about.

    Nosyat changes his spray every map change to different animal-fetishied softcore hentai pictures. I'd be more worried about a kid asking why this dog-human has a nice ass and breasts. A portrait of a face? NOTHING to a kid. NOT a big deal, until it was made one. (BTW Nosyat that was no disrespect or anything.)
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    Because of the high inflow/playerbase of people less than 20 years of age in the server and community I wouldn't want an admin or mod to have a picture of a ex/porn star anywhere. Highwon made a good point a couple pages back with Hitler as an example.
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    I don't know why this thread is still open as ive asked for it to be locked, It's been decided no matter how absurd and rediculous it is I made the mistake of applying for a staff position unaware silly rules can be made up at any moment for any reason, I'm sorry that I was such a terrible admin and i'll never make that mistake again, good luck with the server and I hope to see you n00bs on to get murked!!! :D
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    Report locked.

    Conclusion- it it is best for an admin of the server not to have a profile picture that causes controversy.
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