Finished Silent's Junk Giveaway (BL2 GOT, Space Engineers, Gun Monkeys, 2x Garrysmod)

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Claustrophobic, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Claustrophobic

    Claustrophobic Lead Shitposter VIP

    Alright so this give away was kind of fucked up since I didn't really think it through. The first 5 people on the list are the winners. Winners will pick their prizes in the order that they are on the list (sorry @DrkSephy). Only 3 inactive scrubs were removed. (seriously guys, if you only come here for giveaways, you were removed)

    1st prize and 1st pick:
    @Kyle the Penguin Won Borderlands 2 GOT edition (hmu to play it sometime).

    2nd prize and 2nd pick:
    @Thewandmaker Won a copy of GMOD.

    3rd prize and 3rd pick:
    @lNSPECTOR Claimed the second copy of garrysmod.

    4th prize and 4th pick:
    @Machinekiller00 You have won space engineers.

    5th prize and last pick:
    @DrkSephy Since you were last, you were left with gun monkeys. May god have mercy on your soul.


    I am giving away 5 games; Borderlands 2 (GOT edition), Space Engineers, Gun Monkeys, and 2 copies of Garrysmod. There will be 5 winners chosen. Prizes can be selected on a first come first serve basis. Enter for a game, if someone else wins and they want the same game then whoever messages me first will receive it.

    To enter; rate this post optimistic and leave a message telling me what game you'd like. Any other ratings will disqualify you because I'm lazy as fuck and just want a list and like rainbows. The names will be entered in a list randomizer and the first 5 people on the list will be winners. Only people who are considered active in the community can be chosen as winners. Other disqualifying factors include; Calling me names in the past, being lactose intolerant, having a name that starts with a C or a G (haha fuck you guys), not being able to do 10 pushups (pussy), not sending me nudes when I asks super nicely (wtf @Giraffe we had something), and dating my mom (you know who you are).

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  2. Claustrophobic

    Claustrophobic Lead Shitposter VIP

    Oh uh, also it's being finished umm.. Next monday, January 9th. Yeah dat sounds good.
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  3. RealMexican

    RealMexican Member

    I would love dat borderlands
  4. Pythonstein

    Pythonstein Young Bard Elite

    I'll take a copy of BL2 for my brother

    You never asked me super nicely for nudes :(
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  5. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    I would love having a copy of BL2. Although ill prob wont be able to run it for now XD.
    Thanks for the giveaway Rebel ;)
  6. Togobenzoate87

    Togobenzoate87 Nobody Gets it VIP Silver

    ty silent
    Space engineer seems cool
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  7. Zyppenstein

    Zyppenstein #ZypUp Mod VIP+ Bronze Iron

    Badlands 2 sounds legit. Thanks for the giveaway Silent,

    (Sorry silent, in a failure getting no sleep with my situation.)
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  8. Orion


    I want the Borderlands. Das a gud game right there.
  9. Doben

    Doben Party Monster Legendary

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I would like to have space engineers
  10. Claustrophobic

    Claustrophobic Lead Shitposter VIP

    Don't you ever drag my name through the mud like that again!
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  11. The Banshee Queen

    The Banshee Queen Creator of lag. Silver

    Garry's Mod copy would be great to passive aggressively force my non-GMod friends to play.

    Thanks for the giveaway.
  12. Kaggmaster

    Kaggmaster Supporter

    I'll take anything but the GMOD, I already have it and so does basically everyone here... If I end up getting it just give it to the next person down or something. Thanks for the giveaway though!
  13. Echo

    Echo VIP Silver

    I want Gmod cuz I totally don't already have it + 5 alts no no I don't.....
  14. Shaddoll

    Shaddoll Reincarnation VIP

    Borderlands 2 pls
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  15. GimcSnooper

    GimcSnooper As a wise man once said, "Zip zop zoobity bop" VIP

    I wouldn't mind being entered for all.
  16. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

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  17. Rose♥

    Rose♥ Ideal Female Moderator? Gold VIP Emerald

    Space Engineers.

    u know who coded the script.
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  18. Alpha Wolfy

    Alpha Wolfy Nocturnal VIP

    Space Engineers
  19. Space Engineers
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    Borderlands 2 plox