SGM timeline

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  1. Espurr

    Espurr #AlwaysStabEspurr Administrator VIP

    I'll contribute a controversial ban. Sinz (Now revoked)
    My favorite Event though was the whole Skype/Snak thing, Only OGs remember that shit

    Edit: I miss teamspeak too :(
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  2. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer VIP Silver

    Me getting a COI as a joke, pretty sure that's never happened except when it happened to me.
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  3. Coinston

    Coinston "But what if Robots" - Chris Wedge VIP

    Alucard resigns ;-;
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  4. Solar

    Solar El Dorado VIP


    Also, what does a pedophile and Darth Vader have in common? (never gets old)
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  5. PwnageKO

    PwnageKO "I'll be seeing you on the forums." VIP

    An easy way for you to divide up the timeline into easy sections could be through who's lead at the time. Then go into big events during those periods.

    Edit: Rather than adding when mods join/leave. There's so many fucking mods if you've ever been through that master spreadsheet they have.
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  6. Carl

    Carl Kachow! VIP

    helix coi, server cancel scare, servers get removed, garry shutting down *******, lead admin promo and demotion/resign
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  7. All those cross-community events we had , all the anniversary events (maybe Halloween and Christmas events too ?)
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  8. eks dee

    eks dee SGM editor in chief VIP Bronze

    Alucards demotion, chicken nugget getting banned, me getting banned, nagisa getting banned, full banan staff team and when meheezy got banned (I made a video for that but the audio is bad and it's littered with staff only info so i can't post it)
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  9. Lunar

    Lunar 8:00PM VIP Silver

    scrungy getting banned also
  10. Yellow

    Yellow VIP

    which time
  11. My Dime Is Up

    My Dime Is Up Its my dime to code VIP

    Skype controversy with mass staff exodus, Serious TTT changing to Serious GMod (I still say STTT or Serious TTT a lot tho) 1/11 mass staff exodus (I was in the discord channel that they created; it was... interesting), the almost shutdown, Crescent, and the return of MangoTango during my first tenure (He and I were mod and would staff together shortly before he became Lead)
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  12. you should include when sgm was created
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  13. Moleman

    Moleman Dr Pepper Enthusiast VIP

    And foreshadow the death date for a spicy twist
  14. Sanchez ❤

    Sanchez ❤ Junior staff trainer VIP

    26th January 2021. Day of Revolution. Cowcakes tried to delete current staff members lol
  15. Moleman

    Moleman Dr Pepper Enthusiast VIP

    27th of January
    Moleman rises up
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  16. PwnageKO

    PwnageKO "I'll be seeing you on the forums." VIP

    The SGM Doomsday is actually set for the day I begin to use just two percent of my overall powers. @Moleman
  17. Wojack

    Wojack Her king :3 VIP

    i think you should include every time youve been banned
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  18. Dodley27

    Dodley27 Dolfin VIP Bronze

    That's a whole timeline in and of itself
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  19. 8BitF0x

    8BitF0x a pixelated fox that loves rdm VIP

    mango's terrible extended rules remake :(
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  20. Makoto

    Makoto VIP

    The fact this server is becoming more and more like The People's Republic of China or USSR. Since when, I can't remember. :oops:
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