Server Dying....?

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Why did you quit?

  1. Bored of it

  2. PvP changes

  3. Lack of replayable content

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  1. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    I mean, its pretty obvious my dude
  2. Veno

    Veno Emerald

    I made a lengthy post detailing why I think the server is failing and giving suggestions that may revive it and fix it long-term, so I am not some dwindling doomsayer without any advice whatsoever, but I think it's reached a point where there simply is no bringing it back to any sort of consistent activity. That may sound incredibly pessimistic, but I believe it's simply realistic. The momentum garnered post-launch is gone, and the devs aren't focusing on critical issues--such as the lag problem and economic instability--and are instead adding gratuitous content to a dead server that will do nothing to attract anyone back long-term.
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  3. Zack

    Zack Shepherd of Fire VIP

    No need for a lengthy post here. Even if our server was god tier, Minecraft has fundamental limitations on how long the fun/hype can last. Simple as that. Without, say, an influx of daily new players who are all working toward endgame, the player base is inevitably going to grow stagnant and things will grind to a halt, as has been seen. Once everyone is finished reaching their personal goals and there's only a sparse handful of things you can do, few of which are worth it beyond mild entertainment value, people will drop off. The games market is a big place these days and there's simply too much to be experienced for MC to grip people like it did way back when.
  4. Wumi

    Wumi New Member

    The claim blocks kind of ruin it for me because I am building person only, but I has some busy months but should be back to playing now!
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