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    It wasnt the mods, just that there was no replay ability. Trust me, I was one of the few people who actually tried to keep it alive.

    Theres just no room for it in this community, and we have to accept that it was fun while it lasted.
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  3. Opalium

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    Serious Minecraft taught us a lot about expanding the community. It is definitely a valuable lesson for us, the community leadership, that will hopefully help us in future attempts.
    Nevertheless, SMC is behind us at this point. The whole concept requires a deep overhaul before we can even consider it again, if at all. This is not something we can or want to do now, so I can't see this happening in the foreseeable future, unless a major change of plans will happen.
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  4. CorallocinB

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    no p2w and we kool

    so am i getting admin in this revamp too?

    But nah you wanna know what else besides the awful pay to win system made this server die?

    Not just because it's minecraft, just like gmod and we're the example servers can survive in minecraft still.

    The problems are the fact we had some half-assed vanilla/mod hybrid with what are essentially pseudo-mods. The pseudo-mods were always so poorly put together by the original developers that our developers always had to re-code their shitty mods to make sure the server doesnt die of lag AND the mods themselves worked as intended. So with that in mind, we have the half-assed gimmicks put together, we have vanilla, and we have pay to win. The playability was such a far gone concept. The best playability was only ever going to improve if we added some highly popular mini-games and with how we had to hybrid vanilla and mods together they were never going to happen.

    The best and only way to ever make this more playable was to essentially make it, i may be speaking out of my ass because im not entirely used to all of the lingo, forger mods instead of pseudo-mods, where we have modded survival. OR do a mini-games server like the many others that exist, but we would have our own.

    Lastly, it didnt help that out of the two owners only one of them knew what to do with minecraft. He unfortunately left. He states for school, it seems like it was for school, ngl I wouldnt be surprised if he immediately knew from past experience where this server was heading. Once he left, the work load was dropped so hard onto the devs and I to try to conjure ideas and be productive with fixing the server when it was at the point of ruin due to all of the P2W that it was just a graveyard. The amount of work given to us was so unbelievably large that we had to recruit people from not only within the staff teams in TTT/DR but regular MC players. It's a cool concept to create builds for new things with people who play the server for fun, but that's a lot to ask for from people! It was the dev's and mine idea to do this and i dont regret doing it but holy shit it's the best way to amplify just how tarnished the server was.

    So if you tell me, we can easily redo minecraft, just get a dedicated server owner, admin, what have you, devs with actual time on their hands im sure the devs we had previously could've done wonders if it wasnt for actual life, and not make a p2w server but focus on mods because with mods you can have near endless possibilities of gameplay, exploration, or mini-games.

    tl;dr: No p2w, no vanilla, owner with actual time, devs with actual time, highwon tries to understand minecraft on his off days or something so he doesnt drop all of the work on everyone else.
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  5. .shirt

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    My tl;dr @Robokiller87 has the time, promote him to mc owner with @Rose♥ as his lead
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  6. Witchking

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    Maybe a whitelisted one where you are required to apply on the forums to join?
  7. Adminツ

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    how about opening up like one of those adventure map / games once a week or something.