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    I went to work about 8 hours ago. I just was having a bad day plus depression made it terrible. I told myself I was going to commit suicide. I said I was going to commit suicide to some people here and on Snapchat. Ryan called the police to prevent me from killing myself about 6 hours ago. I went to the ER and talked to some people. I got out about 30 minutes ago. I'm going to seek help, thanks all y'all around here. It's nice to know y'all care about me and such. I may not still be here but thanks, I owe all y'all
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    Get well soon buddy
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  3. Peter Wham

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    Weall here for you buddy. always will be. get better bud. :love:
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  4. dont do it, Im gonna miss you, everyone will, no one wants you to do that, so dont do it
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