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    The people you lash out at your lowest will come back when you're back on your feet, they just don't understand and don't wanna get caught in the crossfire, and the people still with you are the kind of people you're going to want. If you have parents, cousins, relatives etc, make it known you're feeling rough, just getting it out there is motivation to yourself and may give you someone to talk to. It'll be hard to articulate what's up because depression doesn't need to be defined, but those closer to you will understand and the grief of a breakup is well-felt, worst comes to worst promise yourself to make that phone call to the samaritans or whoever, most of them are free and all of them know how to help you at least see the next day. Lastly, you're not a burden to anyone, and so try not to approach a conversation as if your mental health is a waste of their time, it isn't, and never will be.

    After our kinda altercations a few months ago, I've noticed a change towards a more genuine and mature side of you; you've got my respect for that and so please don't feel as though I'll be against you if you need someone to talk to.
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    If anyone would like to talk privately it would be much appreciated. Just need to get my mind off of something I’m very worried about
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  3. >get caught for failed attempt suicide
    :oops: mission failed.
    im good now dw
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    Dealing with loss is painful, but it's even more painful when you never had a chance to say goodbye.
    I'm sorry Gillian.
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    Just a bump to remind people that whether you need to get something off your chest, need to talk to someone, or are someone to talk to, this thread is here for you, and so are we.
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    Just went through a breakup with a girl recently and want to talk to somebody over the phone or over snap chat idc. You don't even have to actually listen, just exist please :(
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    I don't know who here needs this right now, but it's very useful if you yourself have fell victim by another, or you just know someone who dealing with another person who treats them unfairly.

    Next time you get angry or upset with a loved one, remember some wounds won't heal and they will always remember that time you lashed out or said that one thing you may regret.
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