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    The people you lash out at your lowest will come back when you're back on your feet, they just don't understand and don't wanna get caught in the crossfire, and the people still with you are the kind of people you're going to want. If you have parents, cousins, relatives etc, make it known you're feeling rough, just getting it out there is motivation to yourself and may give you someone to talk to. It'll be hard to articulate what's up because depression doesn't need to be defined, but those closer to you will understand and the grief of a breakup is well-felt, worst comes to worst promise yourself to make that phone call to the samaritans or whoever, most of them are free and all of them know how to help you at least see the next day. Lastly, you're not a burden to anyone, and so try not to approach a conversation as if your mental health is a waste of their time, it isn't, and never will be.

    After our kinda altercations a few months ago, I've noticed a change towards a more genuine and mature side of you; you've got my respect for that and so please don't feel as though I'll be against you if you need someone to talk to.
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    If anyone would like to talk privately it would be much appreciated. Just need to get my mind off of something I’m very worried about
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    >get caught for failed attempt suicide
    :oops: mission failed.
    im good now dw
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    Dealing with loss is painful, but it's even more painful when you never had a chance to say goodbye.
    I'm sorry Gillian.
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    Just a bump to remind people that whether you need to get something off your chest, need to talk to someone, or are someone to talk to, this thread is here for you, and so are we.
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    Just went through a breakup with a girl recently and want to talk to somebody over the phone or over snap chat idc. You don't even have to actually listen, just exist please :(
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    I don't know who here needs this right now, but it's very useful if you yourself have fell victim by another, or you just know someone who dealing with another person who treats them unfairly.

    Next time you get angry or upset with a loved one, remember some wounds won't heal and they will always remember that time you lashed out or said that one thing you may regret.
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    Best friends are great arent they? They are the ones you deemed "best" out of everyone you talk to. You probably go through some crazy shit together. Helping each other though the problems the other is facing. thats what they do right?

    I met my best friends in 2017. We were practically inseparable for 2 years and we had gone through a lot of shit together. Almost getting caught by the cops, helping each other through break ups, and even fighting amongst ourselves. No matter what happened we always stuck together. We were such good friends that we all seriously thought we'd die being each others friends from all the shit weve already been through.

    I dont know when exactly we started to drift apart. It was just overtime i could tell how they'd react to me coming on discord had changed, the way they responded to my texts had changed, and the way they acted around me changed. It went from minor changes to full on being ignored for days at a time. I didnt really care at first cause shit people got stuff they gotta do. but then other shit happened like times where im on the game they are playing and they start a queue without even asking if i want to join. Its even gone as far as them creating another discord server without inviting me. They had the balls to talk about the other server when I was with them on the "normal discord server". They dont even talk to me now unless they need somthing from me.

    Ive wondered where did I go wrong. Is it even my fault? Ive always had depression but being with my friends was always the "cure". Theyd talk to me about what i was going through and helped me get through it. but knowing that theyre intentionally ignoring me has put me in a bad place. I havent been this depressed in a long, long time. Ive tried talking with them about it but they dont seem to care anymore. And now here I am writing this on here because, where else am i going to put it? It seems dumb when you are reading this from the outside, but these people literally saved me from going down the path im on now, and I dont know where else to turn. Dont think im suicidal or anything I just know how this turns out. I bottle up so much that I have to force myself to become numb to things just to keep from exploding and eventually that numbness starts to grow and im just dead inside. I used to say "fuck it" to everything to avoid having to bottle it up, but thats when they were around. Fuck it dont work anymore because they were my coping mechanism.
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    I've had best friends and I have brothers. The only difference is that my best friends are losers who are can't get ahead and my brothers are married, made men. I've realized over the years that people will just get tired of your positive vibes, and they will distance yourself. I highly recommend finding other people, I recommend going for a walk and just talking to people, and getting out of your comfort zone and being there for someone.
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    I feel you. I've been through the exact same thing. I have never found solution to this, I just sort of spent some time alone, chilling outdoors. After some time I found new friends. It was a time before I joined this community. I had two best friends before my current ones. One friendship ended naturally, we drifted away, because we never really clicked in any way. However I had a fallout with the other one. It was really toxic, especially because we were roommates at the time. We hated each other so much. But after a full year of not talking to each other we sort of stopped being enemies, just friendly to each other, but never friends again, if that makes any sense.

    The only advice I could give you is not to blame yourself. Some people are assholes, and you should forget about them. Just let the time fix your life and you will find greater friends.
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    What do you guys feel it means to truly hate somebody?

    To me, hate is a feeling that totally overwhelms your being and consumes you to a point where you almost obsess over how much you hate the person. It’s a dark feeling that brings out some of the worst thoughts in me, and keeps me up sometimes just because I’m thinking about the person/people that I hate. I have been wronged by plenty of people, and most of these have done things so unforgivable and have crossed the line of being redeemed, but I do not hate most of those people, I’m more happy that they are not in my life anymore, and happy that they are no longer able to make my life worse by being in it.

    So where do you guys draw the line (assuming you see this in a similar way to myself)?

    I’m trying to figure out why I draw the line between the people I don’t and do hate, even though the people I don’t hate arguably have done worse to my life than the people I do hate. It’s a weird thing.

    Share your thoughts, and what hate means to y’all.
  12. STONEY


    So at my job there's this guy, he's younger, a tad bit immature, and has really bad attitude when it comes to anything with work. Lately he's been slacking off and been becoming lazier than anyone I've ever seen on the job. Most days I deal with it, I just tend to bottle it up and move on. But I've come to find out everyone else on my team is dealing with it themselves and it's been making their duties at work a lot harder from picking up his slack. So we had a few whistleblowers on our team tell our Dep. Manager since our supervisor is out on leave. Also our annual evaluation reviews just came around and he was told (the slacker) during his review that, "a few of his co-workers came forward and said that he's been giving himself the easier tasks and slacking off."

    First thing is, the biggest problem for me, is that out of everyone else at work/on our team, I am this guys' closest "friend" and he confides in me and trusts me till whatever end. As soon as he got word of the whistleblowers during his review, he got filled with rage and anger. He set out to question every single person he works with, with the intention of figuring out who they were. So the other day he shoots me a text (the day after his review) and gives me the rapsheet of what he was told during the review and that he feels betrayed and let down. He's in denial about having bad work ethics and says he's the best employee on the team, which is statistically false of course.

    So after texting me for a while I was able to calm him down before he went into work the next day and started questioning everyone out of a rage. His biggest concern that he told me and our Dep. Manager is that he would rather people come straight to him and sort things out face-to-face. When I think about that, I just feel that that would cause bigger conflicts and not come to any resolution. I would want to share the problems I have with him myself, while explaining that, that may have a bigger effect on some of the the other people on our team. But I honestly don't wanna stretch anything out for anyone else and keep him hot headed on the subject for the sake of my team.

    I really feel at a crossroads here with the situation. I've been really fucking stressed out over it lately to tell you the truth. I feel like I'm caught all in the middle of this and holding on to both ends with all that I can. I worked with him yesterday and I can assure you he's still doing the same dumb shit with slacking off even though he was told, what he was told. The rest of the team also can see he's upset and that he's been ignoring all of them since his review, and it's created a barrier in-between everyone. There are so many moments I want to snap at him and tell him off, but there's a guilty factor inside me, because I'm this guys last hope, or so it seems.

    How he hasn't been terminated is waaayyy beyond me at this point. He's been giving so many chances. It would seem like "kissing ass" and favoritism has some part in it. But I'm not quite sure.

    Anyway whatever anyone makes of this, or has any questions, or words of advice, I will gladly accept on the matter.
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  13. I am very thankful for everyone who has responded to this post reaching out is a huge step in helping people who are struggling. If anyone needs help or even just needs someone to talk to I'm here and I'm even here if you just need someone to listen :)
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    I mean the way I've always looked at it at any of my jobs is that I treat everyone based on how they are as a worker. I'm not saying I'm a total dick or douche to people who are shitty workers, but I don't really go out of my way to talk to them, and when they talk to me, I'm just short with them. In my eyes, it's a workplace, so if you aren't a good worker, then it's a waste of my time as an employee to talk to someone who is a shitty worker. Maybe he's a nice guy, though if he's coming at people in a rage trying to find who the whistleblowers are, I'm not sure about that, but at the end of the day, it is a work place, and if he isn't using the "company time" well, then he can feck off.

    As far as how you could deal with it, what I've done with shitty coworkers in the past is, when you find him slacking off, just simply ask him what he's working on, not in a dickish way, and usually from my experience they'll kind of shut down and go start actually working on something.

    I'm sorry this shit is stressing you out so much, having to take home stress from a workplace sucks, especially if it's because of some shithead. Hopefully you can take something away from what I've said, but since I don't know the full details, maybe you've tried what I've advised to do already, and in that case, I just hope you're able to figure shit out<3
  15. Bruno

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    Ok guys im kinda worried. Recently, before 4 days ago i think, i may have developed Migraine.
    Like, i've never experienced that intense headache, its like pulsating and the only thing i could do is crawl up untill it gets little better or take pain medication.
    I've had that throbbing pain every day and had to take a pill, today it seems like its getting better and i dont need it, but im still doubting it.

    Right now its not pulsating but i can feel it being still there. I'm supposed to go to a doctor on Monday if it doesnt go away, im just fearing the worst them saying i have it.

    If anyone in this community has them, let me know your experiences with it, i feel like it can ruin my life not being as it used to be, so i might as well kill myself or something lol
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  16. Noccam :^)

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    I have migraines pretty often in various forms, but they are usually not incredibly severe. I have had silent migraines in which I basically had all of the symptoms of a stroke and I went to the hospital for treatment. Migraines come and go and there’s not much you can do about it except learn what your triggers are. Im always dehydrated, so I get mine often from lack of hydration! Also, if you go to the hospital and it is a Migraine, they might hook you up with some sweet sweet drugs on an iv drip. All of this is to say that while I’m sure having the migraine is seriously painful and uncomfortable, it can be treated and most likely will go away. Most people (if not everyone) experience Migraines in their life time. You should be completely fine in the coming week :)
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  17. Bruno

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    I hate pills and shit so if they prescribe me one, should i take them, because i believe they will do you no good, for example antidepressants and shit.
    So i hear you say, it shouldnt happen if you dont trigger them, can they happen suddenly without a reason at all even if you dont trigger them.
    Bruh i'd be so happy if i get them 2 days a month but no every day, its like hell.
    Also i think i noticed they make you kinda weird, like your mood changes and its kinda foggy or something you feel kinda dumber lol and im worried it can mess me up while i staff, so im gonna have to try test it with other mod and see how it goes.
    Can you actually live your life happily without thinking where to bash your head next lol

    I'm thinking like, once you develop them in your life, you are cursed forever, could that have been avoided and i wouldnt get them at all at least for some years.
    I didnt even know Migraines are that serious, i've been just started researching more about it today but not much is there really.
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  18. Pacifist

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    I don't think this is very accurate. Migraine is not in itself a condition, but rather just an experience that most people will go through in their life. Some people have them a lot, others have them rarely, and some never have them at all. When you go to the doctor they will check to make sure it isn't being caused by some underlying thing, and chances are it isn't. Just try to keep your spirits up and try not to worry. I doubt you are gonna be cursed with them for life xD
  19. Wojack

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    I’ve had some experiences with migraines, I got them pretty frequently about a year ago. Even if you don’t like pills, there’s headache tension relief pills that you can try (most pharmacies should have them available over the counter) that helped tremendously when I used them.
  20. I've had chronic migraines for years, they run in my family. All of the guys in my family get them quite often when they are aged about 13 to around 22. I get them extremely bad, where I have had to sit for 8+ hours at a time in a dark silent room until they went away and if I had any audio or light stimulation it was like having a spike driven through my head, not to mention constant pulsing. But, what I've found is the best treatment for me is caffeine. I usually have 3-4 cups of coffee a day and that keeps them at bay. Every year I detox from all caffeine for 2 months from caffeine to make sure that its still the chronic migraines and not migraines from a caffeine dependency.

    TLDR: Possibly try caffeine and just look around for natural remedies. Even if they are super severe (And hopefully they won't be) they won't ruin your life, it's just something you'll have to work with and figure out what works for you.

    Also try going to a chiropractor if you don't already, he works fucking wonders when it comes to helping my migraines
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