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    I agree with Han and Memelord, you said you don't know what you want to do with your life, and that is okay, it really is. It means for you, that you can do things at your pace. Dropping a class is nothing to feel bad about. Dropping this class is you recognizing that you aren't ready, which is fine. Much better to take a Withdrawal, than to take a failing grade. Math is my worst subject, I took Algebra last fall, and barely got a D, which won't transfer most places, and I'm pretty sure I only got the D because the professor liked me because I was one of the two students who went to his Anime Club. I felt like a failure too, but I plan on retaking the class later, likely online so that I can work at my own pace to some degree. The only bad option for you is to give up indefinitely. Give calculus a rain-check, better yourself, return with a fresh mind and kick its butt.
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  2. Thank you so much for your input guys, really appreciate it. I think I'll give the class one more shot and try to put more effort into the next quiz, and if I still have a terrible feeling about it then I'll drop before the withdrawl can show up on my transcript. Thanks again
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  3. rigby250

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    this is prob going to be my second night of no sleep. Pls give advice on how to just ignore feels and shleep.

    (and no, I don't want to state a reason here)
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  4. Ted

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    The first thing is acceptance of what happened. This will make you sleep a bit more easy.

    My advice is to not go out wild and drink it away as that will only strenghten why you can't sleep.
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    It's not easy nor is it hard to sleep, sometimes certain things set off your emotions, and it can be as easy as just thinking "I need milk" and a flow of memories from your past start to happen.

    What I suggest doing is a few things, opt out if some of them make you uncomfortable or just you don't believe in it:

    Never sleep alone, always ask for someone to be there for you, like a sibling or a friend, and find a confidant (I could/can be your confidant, someone who listens and gives advice)

    Always pray, before you go to bed. I was 16, going on to 17, and for me, praying and listening to worship was amazing, it set the tone of the room and it was just heavenly in my room.

    Go see a doctor for meds, like for sleep apnea, never go grab anti depressives, because they never work, and a lot of people here can tell you why. They have side effects that include suicidal thoughts and violent tendencies, and mood swings.

    Always, and I mean always, talk to someone before ya go to bed, and be honest with them, even if it makes you feel like shit, find someone trustworthy and just let it out, it helps your mind reset.

    Do pressure points as well, search up pressure points and breathing methods, do this before you clock out, and you'll feel refreshed and stress relief.

    Go splurge on yourself, like go to the spa, and go make yourself feel good, like a massage, and maybe acupuncture (This is so effective)
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    So I think my state is worsening, throughout the day I was feeling tired as hell yet very jittery at the same time and once I got home from school today I started getting this tight feeling in my stomach and chest that wont go away. Everything just seems to be going downhill from earlier this summer.

    Major bummer.
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  7. Anonymous1

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    Hey everyone, would like to say I am always a good option to talk to if you feel you need it. Start a convo with me on here or add me on steam and pm me but I’ll be here to help.
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  8. Solid Anunoby

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    Hm. I didn't expect to ever come back here, and after this whole post I'll probably be disowned by anyone who knew me well. I'll get the big shit in terms of changes out of the way, because those who knew me as "Israelcube" didn't know me at all. I grew up in Queens, New York, with an abusive mother and a drunk father, finished school, moved to Nevada, then to Toronto, then to Israel. And honestly I felt like there was a big part of me that was still missing. I kept moving around for a bit. With this, I became anti-social, quiet, and sort of abandoned settling down. I'm not a roots person, I don't feel attachment to any family or land. I eventually moved back to Israel after spending time moving around in the states. I held a six figure job. Unfortunately, I got in a spat with some leadership in the company. early 2017 when I left for good. I came back to New York and started getting involved with socialist and anarchist political organizations. I went from being a hard-nationalist to a hard anti-statist within 2 months due to long held beliefs I'd held about the idea of "ethnicity and homeland". Forget this though, because this isn't what's mattered. Eventually I met a girl in one of these groups, I got involved with her friends and we eventually started doing some stupid shit. We were a part of a community, good friends, and ever since that point I changed a lot. She reminded me of my only friend growing up, who committed suicide and I unintentionally abused her constantly to a point where she became scared of me, all because of another person who left me. I'm a very asexual person. I'm 29 years old and I'm voluntarily a virgin, refusing to have sex with anyone. I've also developed that I'm aromantic. We were just friends me and this girl, we didn't see ourselves as much more. Eventually the girl disowned me. Though I want to clear up the big thing at the end so I'll leave that there. I've been bullied by almost everyone in my life. I haven't had a true friend in ten years. I'm an emotionally wreck, unstable and quiet and sad in every sense of the word. I just want a few friends who'll hug me and respect me for who I am. After this girl left me I went on a 5 month drinking binge, nearly committed suicide twice. And that's where I am right now. A lonesome, politically and emotionally deranged abusive shit, who gets drunk all the damn time. Here's the big zinger though. That girl I mentioned was... Trans. And we talked a fair bit about my life in general, and we went through a lot of egg-cracking. I discussed it over with psychiatrists over the last few months, I thought over a whole lot, and I'm convinced of this. It wasn't her who did this, but she helped me realize I was living my life as someone I wasn't. I forced this masculine military persona for years, this tough guy act, that the thing that was missing, truly, was my identity. I am a woman. You don't have to respect me for it and I really do expect a lot of hate. But I'm not getting any younger and things are just gonna get worse.
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  9. ayygurl_

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    If one of you guys if feeling like helping someone, please consider heading over to r/SuicideWatch.

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  11. Carl

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    This is really close to home because my best friend killed herself in school a few months prior. I saw her in the morning and before the 1st period was over she was found dead by suicide from a gun. I feel really bad for the father and his family. He plans to move away from my town to go elsewhere, and their dog who loved my friend was super sad and bit the dad in the hand and he had to put her down. I feel horrible for what happened to the family and I'll never forget about her and how she impacted my life for the better while she was alive. She was my band buddy and I loved her so much. Thank you for posting this.
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  12. ThatAintFalco

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    I’ll be around if anyone ever wants to talk about personal things. I’ll be glad to help others, just add me on steam or discord if you need anything!
  13. ayygurl_

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    @Floof why would you rate my post dumb?
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  14. Ted

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    Don't question floof... They need help.
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  15. Robyn

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    Because I believe that if you or someone you know has been depressed or suicidal that you should make them talk to someone professional who has a ton of experience with situations like this, and not just a group of redditors. I sought a professional for my problems and it has changed my life. I dislike some of the parts of reddit that seem wholesome and are for helping people because reddit is naturally kinda toxic and sometimes the advice/trolls can hurt the person. I get you are trying to help people who need it but its not necessarily the best place to get help.
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  16. Iuna

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe ayygurl isn't suggesting to go to Reddit instead of professional help. He's saying that those of you guys willing to help here should consider going to that subreddit to help them.
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    This. Thanks luna. While I do agree with what Floof said, not everyone who goes on r/SuicideWatch wants profesionnal help, has the money for it or has been convinced to actually get it.

    I also don't think r/SuicideWatch is place where you will find lots of trolls/toxic people. You're being a bit a closed-minded with the way you think reddit works IMO @Floof.
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    Eh i never really bothered to post here because well im usually a happy guy, tonight not so much. Recently I went to london for my brothers wedding about a month ago and I met this amazing girl(in law) I never really thought much of it but we've been chattin together everyday since the wedding for 2-6 hours every day. And i never thought much of it but someway along the line i caught feelings for her, i wish it was just lusting but its deeper than just looks. Anyways idk i was simpin and after about 4 hours into conversing recently since i was pseudo getting advice from her about how i should confess and she convinced me that i should just go for it. Whats the worst that can happen, anyways i confessed and she was really cool about it and said that she likes me just not in the way I do. So she says that we'll act like it never happened and cant no one know something unless someone says something. I feel so stupid im not depressed but i feel like i lost a good friend and anytime we talk from here on out if we do it will be very awkward. Sorry if im waffling but thats the gist of it

    TL;DR i caught feelings for a friend(in law) they convinced me to confess, i did was shot down. yea im stupid.
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  19. Anonymous1

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    You can’t control what your heart feels, so try not to beat yourself up about it. If you didn’t confess to what you felt, it would have eaten you up a lot worse than what you feel now. Right now you feel like you made a hasty decision that made you lose a friend. However, with something serious like you described, the mind can be a bitch. If you didn’t confess to it, your mind would have been playing out ways things could work, ways things could go wrong, and generally just causing you to overthink everything which can be a lot worse than getting shut down. What I would say, go to the gym, go running, do whatever relaxes you and makes you focus on yourself. Whenever you see her again, do exactly what she said; act like it never happened. If she sees that you can be completely normal after everything, there is a good chance that it will be the result; completely normal. Feelings can be hard to get over, and it takes time more than anything. If you focus on YOU, what makes YOU happy, and YOUR own feelings, you will start to see improvement. Hope this helps you out in a way.
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  20. .shirt

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    Ty very much scuffed i'll try and not be too hard on myself.
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