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  1. Carned

    Carned ✘o ✘o VIP Silver Emerald

    Before you reply with "this has been suggested before", it hasn't, only new game modes have, this is specific to Deathrun.

    With the addition of new servers recently it had me thinking that this summer is the perfect time to try out a Deathrun server.
    For me, Deathrun is the only other good game mode on Gmod and matches fun and skill perfectly and i helped run one previously (Rip Velocity Deathrun)

    Benefits of a Deathrun server

    • Large player base - Who doesn't want more people in the community?
    • More Donations - Deathrun doesn't require hitboxes like TTT, so all the cartoon skins can be on it and thus people will pay to have those. (Up to Highwon if the VIP carries over from TTT or is a new donation, personally i'd donate again)
    • Allows current members to play together in a new mode but in the same environment they know and love - Playing other games with current STTT members can be difficult because so many servers are bad, this allows people to do so.
    • Little Staff needed - As someone who has experience in deathrun staffing, it literally requires the occasional !bring and to make sure people dont Re-Use traps. You could have about 3 DR staff members total, and be fine.
    • Rewards repeat playing - Within Deathrun you can get a level up system in which winning gains you levels, which Highwon could tie into certain models (I believe this code costs about $5, however)
    • Suggestions - People who have finally wanted to have more Cartoonish models on the server can finally hop around as Jinx, Mario or Harley Quinn.
    • Lots of Maps - Deathrun has around 100 Maps, all of which are working and require little to no testing.
    • Easy to play but difficult to master - Anyone can have a laugh with Deathrun, especially within our community, but if people put time into mastering it, they will have bragging rights & a high level.
    However there will be disadvantages, like anything.
    • Initial Start up cost - Obviously buying and hosting a new server costs money (Im confident the costs will be eclipsed by new donations)
    • Time and Effort - Creating and choosing the maps, systems, models and generally setting up the server will take time on Highwon's part. (However, i'm willing to search the workshop for models maps etc if this was to go ahead)
    • Staff - Deathrun does need staff, less so than TTT and the server can easily run without staff if Suicide is enabled, but this would require a new staff team or it would put extra strain on the current staff
    • May not be popular - Let's be honest, this is a TTT community and it may just not be popular, hence why im suggesting to do it now, when school is out.
    • New Forum sections - Obviously a new gamemode would need a new suggestions and bug report section, possibly even applications. (I don't think is too negative, but i chose to include it)
    • New MOTD? - There aren't really too many rules to Deathrun, other than common courtesy and no trap spamming but again this will take time to create.

    Overall I think the positive outweigh the negatives on both a financial and community scale. Obviously this will need input from the community, but i am confident it will be popular, especially once its given the go ahead.

    Feedback is something paramount to making this idea go ahead, so if you read this, please give you input, even if it is a +1, it shows Highwon this is something you as a community wants.

    TL;DR Deathrun please.
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  2. Noctorious

    Noctorious Your Best Nightmare VIP Emerald

    +1 I would love to pull some traps on my friends. I feel like this would be nice for an occasional break from TTT without having to leave the community we enjoy so much. As far as staff goes, maybe having one team focus DR but have all mods trained to do either DR or TTT so someone can always move over.
  3. Miss Alice

    Miss Alice winky face VIP

    I certainly wouldn't say no to this. I've spent some time on Deathrun before, and it was a pleasant experience. Sharing it with the members of SeriousTTT would make it all the better beyond any reasonable doubt. I honestly don't see this happening, but I've been wrong about these things before, and this is one of those times I'd be happy to be wrong again.
  4. Red

    Red Harbinger of Arceus VIP

    Yes. It would be nice if it had the "Hold spacebar to autojump" thing too.
  5. Carned

    Carned ✘o ✘o VIP Silver Emerald

    Oh yeah, this is a necessity within Deathrun now.
  6. Just for the lazy people like me that don't want to use the mwheel tactic.

    Also, this would be a pretty good thing to think about. Although this site is specific to TTT, Highwon could easily change the name and have different report/appeal sections for DR and TTT and stuff. Not only that but you would get a lot more players that would spend time here, which means more donations and stuff.

    and we already have a lot of players to help test it sooo +1
  7. Red

    Red Harbinger of Arceus VIP

    The problem with the mwheel tactic is that you'd unbind whatever the hell it is bound to mwheel, and you have to reset it everytime :/
  8. s1rcool

    s1rcool Active Member VIP

  9. paper

    paper legends never die VIP Silver

    I think it's the right time for STTT to experiment in other gamemodes and there's no better gamemode than Deathrun.
    I'll probably even record on it if it does become a thing.

  10. ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.)

    ZaneLoehr (Masochist Ver.) Warehouse 13 Next Generation VIP

    +1 i shall destroy you all :rage: Love you ^_^
  11. Kawaii

    Kawaii Paper Towns

    Are we building an empire?

    I like it.
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  12. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard VIP Silver Emerald

    This is a suggestion that's hard to say no to, but not one I'll say yes to either. Obviously a new server will bring in an extra player base and more donations, these things go without saying with a server suggestion. The leveling seems odd to me. I've never played it like that before so it must be an addon. MotD would be a problem too. Some questions to common RDMs could be cleared up in a heartbeat if extended rules were added to the current MotD, but we just have a thread for that. I don't know how an entirely new MotD would be gone about, however small it is. This is also a little stretching it. You can see the new servers are just to accommodate other regions and play styles for players, but the same game mode. I doubt we'll diverge into something bigger than TTT. We are 'SeriousTTT' after all, and considering you staffed for a one of these, I'm sure there are good deathrun servers out there the community can find.

    After typing out this reply, I've come to a verdict: -1
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  13. Carned

    Carned ✘o ✘o VIP Silver Emerald

    The idea of finding a new community for Deathrun is completely opposite to what i'm trying to suggest.
    The reason why this is suggested, not only its it fun, but its THIS COMMUNITY that makes playing the game fun, you literally cannot find a better community and set of servers than this.
    As for the MOTD, it's literally just a web page, pretty simple.
    Leveling up is simple, you win as a runner? XP. Win as Death? XP (Currently doesn't support tracking kills due to using props, but maybe @Zikeji could work wonders with the code.)
    Like i said in my post, there is literally about 3 rules specific to deathrun, alongside common courtesy rule we already have here.

    Not bashing your opinion because i wanted feedback, just a counter to most of your points.
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  14. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard VIP Silver Emerald

    I wasn't talking technical about the MotD, just having to make the rules for it. Hopefully we'd have at least these rules: rule against speedrunning, common courtesy, going out of bounds, delaying, teaming with death, taking forever on a game reward, glitching traps, suiciding as death, etc.

    There are more rules than you care to believe

    My point about leveling was neutral. I know what it does; I have played RPGs before. It's just odd
  15. Carned

    Carned ✘o ✘o VIP Silver Emerald

    Correct, i overlooked a few however making rules is pretty simple. Likewise its easy to create staff to enforce these, with it being a lot less technical than TTT.
    I never said this wouldn't require effort, i merely stated it would be worth the effort for the community.
  16. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    TL;DR Deathrun please.

  17. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    @Highwon whst would you think of expanding the forums (creating a Serious Deathrun section) and adding some Deathrun staff?

    Heck, you could even make Deathrun exclusive staff, but I wouldn't see the need on a server as simple as Deathrun; it would just need a rule page with a tailored version of the current Rule set.
  18. Andrew

    Andrew VIP


    Having a variety of modes to play from, while still being around the same people and community, sounds very inticing indeed.
  19. Romulus

    Romulus The Alpha VIP

    Why I support this:
    • A new game mode would be fun, especially within our community
    • It would allow people who are burnt out of TTT for the day to allocate to a much more relaxed mode where the rules are extremely light and they don't have to worry about breaking them
    • It would allow us to branch out to more players, and enlarge our community
    • Change is needed now and then
    Why I don't support this:
    • I don't like the idea of changing the STTT name; it fits, it's beautiful, and it's something we've all grown accustomed to -- keep the name

    Overall a +1, for the obvious reason this is generally a good idea, I just want to keep the STTT name and logo.
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  20. Noctorious

    Noctorious Your Best Nightmare VIP Emerald

    Name the sever STTT-Deathrun?
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