Denied Senpai Vesper Heartfilia's Appeal

Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by Senpai Vesper, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. Your In Game Nickname:
    Senpai Vesper Hearfilia
    Your Steam ID:

    Which Server:

    Why you should be unbanned:
    So today i was shoutbox banned for saying a forum players name. I find this highly weird that I get banned for saying a players name.
    Evidence of Innocence:

  2. Darktooth

    Darktooth I was #1 VIP

  3. Husky

    Husky Euthanasia VIP Silver

    It was @Event Horizon who banned him. Anyways I was the one who reported you and @Adam is the D for the little act you both did.,vyGXudl#1 - As seen in these two photos you and adam are acting out scenes of sexual explicit content. After many warning I need to talk to some admins and finally Event stepped in. This got you a warning in the shoutbox by Event. Then, you decide to say in shoutbox: "I like N*gger Dicks" - this was the final straw and was the reason for your ban and If I am correct Event did ban you. He will reply shortly.
  4. If im correct, event only warned me. i find it stupid that saying I like a certain player in sarcasam is banable.
  5. Adam is also involved in this appeal, don't warn him.
  6. Husky

    Husky Euthanasia VIP Silver

    The second time was a conversation between @Event Horizon and myself. I told him the profanities you were saying in shoutbox and he banned you. He did warn you, but the second time was deserving of a ban.
    The thing he said was not relevant to the ban appeal in any context, which is why he was warned.
  7. Yeah I had 0 warns and to be fair I DID say niggerdicks name in front of dark. I think senpai might have gone too far by saying he likes... Yano, but come on
  8. If @King Husky wants me gone that bad, how long is my ban?
  9. Husky

    Husky Euthanasia VIP Silver

    I do not want you gone from the shoutbox, but seeming as you are saying racist/sexual things why would I not do the right thing and report you. It was not easy but it had to be done. :/ Sorry.
  10. In all honesty, ive seen tons of that on this server and I've never seen a ban. (asides from the racial content, which I already explained)
  11. Husky

    Husky Euthanasia VIP Silver

    Refer to the forum rules please here:
    • 1. Be respectful to other users at all times. - Saying pornographic things about another user is not really respect if you are publicly saying it. You also said racist remarks that target African Americans.
    • 3. Harassment - don't harass or disrespect other members of the forum (start "flame-wars",name-call,curse out, etc.). - This can fall under sexual harassment as he clearly did not consent for those sexual things to be said.
    As far as I know you broke these rules.
  12. How did I harass anyone, no one was offended. YOu were not in the convorsation. I do not know how this offended you
  13. Husky pls, you wait and see how many time stuff like that appears on SB. If you don't like it, don't look at it, its just a few people having a laugh
  14. Husky

    Husky Euthanasia VIP Silver

    I am literally in the conversation telling you to not say those things. I said it at least 2 times, maybe more.
    As seen here:,vyGXudl#1 - I say for an admin to come on and tell you two to stop. Teadawg says: "That's enough vulgarity." This concerned the sexual remarks. Then I said "OKAY ENOUGH LIKE DAMN. XD"
    There are the warnings to tell you to stop.
    I was actively talking before and after it with both steam friends and shoutbox. Woops. :/
    Can a staff resolve/lock this? Thanks.
  15. Excuse me, you are not a staff member. A staff member hasn't even gave their input yet.
  16. Husky

    Husky Euthanasia VIP Silver

  17. Husky

    Husky Euthanasia VIP Silver

    Well we need to wait for him to reply and finalize the appeal. While you are waiting you can play on one of our 5 servers!

    Serious TTT West
    [​IMG]Serious TTT West 2
    [​IMG]Serious TTT East
    [​IMG]Serious TTT East 2
    [​IMG]Serious TTT Vanilla
  18. Enigmatica

    Enigmatica The Song Lives On Banned

    I warned you about that and then you said something about N****** dicks so I banned you. You will be unbanned tomorrow.
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