Report Player/staff section and Ban appeals should be under community + Minor forum changes

Discussion in 'Deathrun Suggestions' started by Mr. Disco, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Mr. Disco

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    First thing, forum changes...


    Basically why does it say "Trouble in Terrorist Town" in off topic and under gaming "Outside of TTT" How about "Unrelated to the serious servers, or something along the lines."

    Deathrun server & Serious TTT server.
    Is deathrun not serious? IS it just a joke? 1v1 me cod.. Jokes aside, this annoys me. It's stupid. We are SERIOUS GMOD, NOT JUST SERIOUS TTT.

    Why though?
    • This is a community with different servers. It makes more sense to have it there. (credit to @MangoTango's/USER] suggestion)

      [*]It can make more sense for players
      [*]Why do you appeal for DR under the TTT section?

    Any thoughts?
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  2. Silent Rebel

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    I like everything except having separate ban appeal/reports. I think they should just be moved into community. New players sometimes have a hard enough time formatting their reports and appeals properly, I can imagine reports/appeals being posted in the wrong section quite often if they are kept separate which would make it more of a hassle for staff.

    The minor changes are a +1 though.
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  3. Mr. Disco

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    Let's say there was a DR report for micspam or death avoiding/ghosting -- something. Don't you think it would be difficult for DR mods to find it? Maybe they could be tagged... hopefully. :)
  4. DocFox

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    All they need to do is go to the reports section and search Deathrun.
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  5. Mr. Disco

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    Ah I see, you can do that.

    Let me edit the original post.

    I always thought the search function globally searches the forums.