Remove XP levels loss in pvp casual.

Discussion in 'Minecraft Suggestions' started by StrayHunter, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. StrayHunter

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  2. Alchemized

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    I would also argue that they should remove item durability loss in PvP casual as well.

    Or offer "classes" like in mob arena.
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  3. StrayHunter

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    I wasn't too sure of this. I mean, you must eat food and use potions to get an upper hand in combat which means at the end of the day you will lose SOMETHING in order to win.
  4. EhhChris

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    I'd honestly like to see a KitPVP arena of sorts. Opinion?
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  5. Yatty ☄️

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    Yes please. Please make this a thing.
  6. StrayHunter

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    why not
    it is actually balanced then but obsolete if fights are for gear testing
  7. Salem

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    what's the point of having pvp if you don't have the danger of losing levels or durability on your armor?

    It's part of the dangers of pvp.

    It doesn't make sense to get rid of that when you lose those things when killed by mobs or when simply dying because you fall. It's already at a point where pvp gets enabled and disabled at certain points in the day- making it so you dont lose levels due to pvp. Really shouldn't have to remove something like this when its a basic part of pvp that's one of the dangers of exploring and possibly being killed.

    -1 in my opinion.
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  8. neutral

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    He's talking about the PvP Casual arena, silly. You don't lose any items, or anything. It's meant to be an area you can PvP with players without fear of losing items. Why not include exp and item durability with this as well?
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  9. Salem

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    yee lets do it +10
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  10. StrayHunter

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    change that rating to an "agree" thanks pls xoxox
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