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  1. I'm not exactly sure if this is easy to do, but it'd be a lot better if fall damage was removed or atleast nerfed to do less.

    An example of fall damage being kinda broken is on the stairs on goldfever (see spoiler). If you try to bhop down them and jump a little too far it can kill you but there is a very small gap between dying and taking no fall damage at all.
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  2. While I do not play on our Deathrun server, I will say this ; Fall damage and other things such as prop damage are part of the challenge in these types of games. While yes, it is very annoying to be killed or damaged by falling, it is an obstacle that people must overcome whilst playing. There are things that can reduce fall damage that can be implemented, however, I highly doubt that such a thing would be implemented, however, I can be proven wrong here.
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  3. Unless a deathrun map is specifically designed to challenge you with fall damage, then it can be used. But, in most cases in maps, fall damage wasn't considered including the example given. You're definitely not wrong, but most maps don't include fall damage as part of the challenge, so when it is in, it can penalise players unfairly.
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    The thing is if we do remove fall damage some of the traps on sone traps wouldnt work.
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  5. true, but adding a trigger_hurt would solve the few traps that use fall damage to kill players (if they even do use fall damage, im pretty sure most if not all pits use trigger_hurt incase of exploits)
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    For the Goldfever example, if you're at full health(there's a healing station right before the stairs so if you're not it's your own fault) you can survive that fall no matter where on the stairs you jump from (and if you land in the water there's no fall damage). If you've chosen to bhop off the top you can always strafe so you hit the stairs again at the halfway point so you don't take fall damage anyways.

    Many traps rely on fall damage to be successful as well. If Highwon or someone else had to go through each map that we wanted to add or have added to fix traps (as you've suggested) that use fall damage that would just make it a more difficult to add maps.

    If fall damage was removed I can think of at least three places where I could use traps to skip a good portion of the map. Removing/nerfing fall damage would make some maps a lot easier to bhop and ruin a bunch of traps so I'm fine with how it is now to be honest. If you're able to bhop decently maps are already significantly easier to beat so I don't really see a reason to make it even easier to bhop through maps.
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  7. Good point I suppose.
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    I haven't made my final decision yet.but on gold fever I think it's fair that there is fall damage because if there was no fall damage then the runners could speed away and the death would have no chance of killing them.I'm sure there are other reasons that we need to keep fall damage on the server but until then I will remain neutral About this suggestion.
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