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Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Lion, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Lion

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    The gaming channels hardly get used and the forum chats have similar if not more activity. Looking through the channels most chats have a single message every few DAYS and this would be better with just a general gaming channel. If a user wants a channel for this it could user created. I believe we should move the gaming channels up higher into the public area for those to be condensed. Also, remove the Mobile Audio channel as I have never seen it used and the chances that someone does are super minimal. This would help to clear up the congestion of channels in our discord along with moving some things around.

    Open to other suggestions in the discord also

    Underused Channels

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  2. Rudi

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    +1. When the need for it comes, make a room, but just having a bunch of unused channels clutters the discord, and the less channels the more activity the main channels will get.
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  3. ECHO-6251

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    I agree. I say that we should take all of those channels, and just combine them into a general channel for gaming, and if someone wants, or a certain game gets more activity/chat, then if they (the people conversating about the game) want, they could get a separate channel to discuss.
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  4. +1
  5. Lion

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  7. Lion

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    @Panda With a Gun this man wants to talk to you
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  8. Floof

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    I think he meant a come unity manager.
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  9. Renko

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    If only I can post images in r6 siege maybe that channel will still active.
  10. "Come unity man a jar"
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