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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by Racerboy, Mar 9, 2021.

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  1. Racerboy

    Racerboy VIP

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    apparently this morning I was globally banned for 4 weeks for metagaming, by Voca for Pierogi and Jabba. Ryan filled me in on the evidence, linked below. The ban reason as I understand it, is for willingly letting -Vader- (detective) into the T room at the start of the round.

    I'll also quote myself from a discussion I had with Ryan to explain:

    I didn't know that was metagaming? I was going to go in after him but basically like me and Cole were laughing super hard in T chat about whether we should let Vader in
    this was at the like
    VERY beginning of the round
    round start we go to that closet
    all the time
    and STUPIDLY funny shit happens
    almost every time
    so I guess that was too far idk

    Perhaps @Blaze2 (Cole) can also provide a POV, but we were like dying in T voice chat because we do stupid shit in that bathroom on Motel every round, usually turns into a bloodbath. Thought it would be funny as a change of pace, and we were going to go into the T room to kill -Vader-, but I wasn't thinking of my T buddies at the time. It was RIGHT as the round started so I figured it'd be safe to let him roam and then Cole and I go in to kill him.

    I would've taken any warning seriously, and any slays for each T killed as a result (I believe I served one who reported me).

    I've only been banned once I believe and that was over 2 years ago. But, as you can see by my impressive amount of time played, allotting to over 1000 hours combined Vanilla 1 and 2 (shown below), I would think that my time spent on the server and experiences with everyone have also amounted to something meaningful and representative of how I play.

    ty for your time​
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    evidence of innocence #1:

    evidence of innocence #2:
  2. RyanHymenman

    RyanHymenman Conscript the women and kids Administrator VIP Silver

    Tagging @Voca as they were the one that carried out the ban. @Pierogi for context in case its needed
  3. -Vader-

    -Vader- VIP

    Alright, because I am involved in this, I want to post something.
    I didn't even know who opened the door, I just went in. I usually camp there because retards always open the door there and let innocents in.
    So you ban for this, but you don't ban for people starting RDM chains. Yes, I am talking about a few certain mods/admins that kill each other whenever they are on the server together. Yes, it starts RDM chains and yes, they always do it.
    I always go to west/east, and they just prop RDM each other as innocents, but you don't ban that for ruining the whole gamemode. TTT is not designed for prop killing, but that is all they do there, but you don't do shit about it.
    There are worse case scenarios where people should've been banned for.
    Instead, you ban Racerboy for one incident where he was a fucking retard and didn't attempt to kill me. Great targeting if I should say so myself.
    Imagine banning a hacker for 4 weeks who just joined the server, and banning a "metagamer" who has been playing and is on top of a leaderboard for 4 weeks for one accident.
    I see innocents carrying turtle explosives, I see innocents carrying explosive barrels into crowds of people, but apparently, if they are your friend, why would you even ban them.
    There are worse shit that happens on the server, but nothing happens. You just banned him for that because he was already on a verge of being banned, and you guys are pulling at straws here.
    Don't worry, pierogi, who made this complaint, will keep on RDMing as innocent with props and nothing will happen to him. Pretty good system we got here.

    Imagine being Voca, loopholes around the rules to get reports denied, but bans people for shit like this. While you are at it, ban yourself as well.


    Thank you for coming to my TED talk, and please ban me while at it, this community fucking blows. It isn't the community's fault though, it is Highwon's fault for having such trash mods/admins/lead admins.

    There is a reason why nobody with a brain reports these days now, because they know their report is going to be shut down because every mod/admin/lead admin is tossing each other's salad. Why would you accept a report, because that would be admin's fault for having a shitty mod under them.

    It is just a great community, I hope you guys run it down to the ground even more.

    Maybe unban Racerboy right now, it will stop lagging the server. Imagine not having fucking sourcebans.


    While we are at it, moleman is the only mod (yes, that includes admins) that is actually great.
    Take notes kids, maybe you'll get some advice from moleman on how to moderate a server, while being a player.

    Also, I see mods/admins doing c4 roulette, apparently that isn't metagaming, but what do I know, I am not a mod who knows his rules inside out and loopholes around.

    Also, don't forget, highwon is adding christmastown to the server anyday now.

    Imagine being named Jabba the Slut, but renaming people who had #unban (name) in their name while having chicks captive in chains who couldn't escape. Apparently slavery is fine compared to having a #unban (name).
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  4. Cole

    Cole VIP

    So, upon this matter. I remember the round clearly as Racerboy and myself were standing near the T door in bathroom. I actually was in the bathroom at the time and there was no way of actually knowing Vader was going to actually go in. I feel the ban was way too extreme under the fact that Racerboy and myself were going to go into the T room anyways but Vader ended up walking in. We do stupid shit in the bathroom all the time in the instance either one of us usually kills the other and goes into the T room or there are 100 people in the bathroom waiting to see who shoots who. He already received his slay and under the pretense of that. This action wasn't toxic or intentional as too letting someone in the T room through other methods. It was by far unlucky that Vader was there.
    I have played a lot with Racerboy.
    He doesn't do anything toxic to the extent deserving a 4 week ban.
    Under this result, i feel the staff team would have a much better situation if they pulled the actual players in the incident such as the players who died, the players involved such as myself. Get their take on things and see if forgiveness or anything is valid. Seeing how myself was involved and i heard nothing of this.
    It is also not like he messaged Vader or told him in voice chat to go into the T room. Vader willingly walked into it.
    Any questions or further concerns or comments. Reach out to me on discord please.
    Unban Racer :( He is one of the few players thats actually good at the game.
    Littlememe and Shadow still cant aim for shit. <3
  5. Voca

    Voca o.o Administrator VIP

    Yeah so I was looking over ban requests from staff, and came across a request by Pierogi statting that Jabba had already given discretion for a ban.

    I looked over the evidence for the ban, and saw it was a case of metagaming, I didnt really want to overwrite another ones discretion to ban instead of warn, so I just did the ban for em since I was on the servers.

    I dont really have anything to add to this appeal, I leave that up to @Jabba the Slut and @Pierogi
  6. Voca

    Voca o.o Administrator VIP

    Okay so this was a misunderstanding on my end.

    I do apologize, I was under the impression Pierogi already had Jabbas discretion for a ban, after talking to Pierogi, its discovered that wasnt the case.

    So the ban is a huge misunderstanding on my End.
    A huge apologize for that.
    Your ban will be lifted, and we are just going to add two slays to your ID for the deaths that your action led to.
    Please be more careful about metagaming in the future, this was a severe case sense it got majority of your T-buddies killed. If you are going to let people in the T room- remember to warn your T-buddies that you are doing so.

    I will be leaving a note in your stats as well.

    Your ban should already be lifted

    Again sorry for the mistake on my end.

    Appeal: Accepted
  7. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    I want to note that I did not give discretion for a ban as stated above.

    I was asked for my thoughts on the situation and said it seemed like metagaming.

    When asked what to do I said to post a punishment request, because I was very shortly leaving to go play Dungeons and Dragons with the boys.

    The purpose of this would have been for someone with the time available to investigate the situation and determine possible punishment.
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