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    So the reason why I rated it dumb, off the bat when you said it in shoutbox, it's a controversial subject. That quote has, and possible will offend people with beliefs, it's not needed. Just like we tell people to knock it off when they quote controversial stuff that may attack a certain subject, the same applies here. Starting a civil discussion doesn't start with mocking someone's opinons/beliefs, it starts by questioning why they feel that way, what happened in life that made them feel that way, etc.
    You mentioned I rated Jabba's post agree, but yours dumb, Jabba basically said what I thought, mocking or shaming people of belief is arrogant. It is, but if they attack you then go ahead and defend, but no one even brought up the subject of religion or mocking one's beliefs, you straight out said it then proceeded to make a post on it.

    Since you expressed your true interests on this "discussion", and also agreed that I should lock this thread, I shall.
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