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  1. Fabulous Fishy

    Fabulous Fishy VIP Silver

    Since there isn't a full list of the plugins that the server runs, many players don't know about a really useful plugin that we have available for base building: Lift.

    Lift allows players to create simple and fast elevators to maneuver around their builds.

    To build a lift, you will need to arrange your elevator like so:


    [Sign OR blank]
    [Block] [Iron block]

    The plugin uses iron blocks to designate the bottom floor that the elevator will go to, and higher floors will be created using the same setup but replacing the iron block with a glass block.

    Leave the top sign blank, as it will be filled out by the plugin. The middle block should always be a button. The bottom block is necessary to have or the plugin may malfunction, though it is not necessary to have a sign there. If you wish to name the floor, put the desired name on the first or second line of the bottom sign.

    Notes and warnings:
    • The elevator blocks (iron blocks and glass blocks) can be anywhere from 1 to 16 blocks (so 1x1 to 4x4).
    • For elevators to link together properly, the glass blocks must be placed directly above the bottom iron block.
    • When taking an elevator, please remain entirely within the block you're standing on, as you will clip on the sides of other blocks and may become stuck.
    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me or you can consult the plugins official page here: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/lift
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  2. Noctorious

    Noctorious Your Best Nightmare VIP Emerald

    Is there a maximum distance you can have between floors?
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  3. Fabulous Fishy

    Fabulous Fishy VIP Silver

    The default maximum distance set by the plugin is 256, so unless the staff changed it you can go from bedrock to the sky limit if you want.
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  4. Amatsu

    Amatsu Emerald

    Incredible and useful. Thanks for the guide.
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