Denied qsawz's Appeal

Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by qsawz, Feb 9, 2015.

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  1. qsawz

    qsawz VIP

    Your In Game Nickname:
    Your Steam ID:
    (cant check)
    Which Server:

    Why you should be unbanned:
    um why did i get a perma shoutbox ban from @Sinz
    Evidence of Innocence:
    i dont have any.​
  2. Alpha Wolfy

    Alpha Wolfy Nocturnal VIP

    @Sinz banned you on shoutbox. I am assuming he banned you for the three pictures that you posted on shoutbox that seemed a bit edgy and Inappropriate at the time.
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  3. qsawz

    qsawz VIP

    what ones?
  4. Mr. Rogers

    Mr. Rogers Lil Tokyo VIP Silver

    The pictures involving the penis of some animal I can't seem to recall. You had posted it 2-3 times, along with some other images. @Sinz had found it appropriate to ban you under these conditions.

    Although, how do you know this ban is permanent?
  5. qsawz

    qsawz VIP

    the second posting of the bull penis was accedental my computer has trouble with the copy paste button cometimes and wot copy something.
  6. Sinz

    Sinz crumble VIP Silver

    If the second image was accidental why'd you send it another time right after? The image was inappropriate and unnecessary, much like many of the messages you send in shoutbox occasionally. Your ban also isn't permanent, it will only last 5 days, 2/14/15. You can spend Valentine's day with the shoutbox.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.