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Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by Python~, Jan 15, 2018.

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  1. Python~

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    Explain the case:
    Unfair Warning (not really sure where to do this)​
    Related Evidence:
    A month or so back, I made this comment on this thread and was subsquently given a warning point for it (which I had no idea about for about 1-2 weeks after it was given)

    I didn't feel the need to appeal the point, but due to the new way things are handled, and warning points stack, I'm going to argue why this warning point was unfairly attributed to my account

    First off, @drunk dog ❤ drunkdrunk ❤ drunky drunk :) dog said in a PM about the incident that he did not report me. And, if he did, he was joking about it. I have also asked @Opalium if Drunk had reported me for that comment, and have gotten no reply both times I've asked.

    Tip: If you're going to warn someone for something, don't ignore them when they attempt to get clarification (y)

    Now you may be thinking "so what, your comment was offensive and therefore you were warned for it". Well, I was warned for insulting Drunk Dog and Drunk Dog felt no offense. See the conflict? I have been told by (former) admins like @Casual for months that staff cannot warn players if the person they who was attacked does not feel harassed. Why is this reversed for me? Why the double standard? And if this not the case, why was it said in the first place?

    Yeah, I got upset because he threatened to hack and get banned over something as petty as custom titles, as well as make the entire thread pretty much a rant about his life. Regardless, I've said worse in shoutbox towards him, and have been for years. That's why I was as harsh as I was, and was surprised when I saw the warning. I say these things, believe me or not, because I care about him.

    Main point is that he didn't report me, so I shouldn't have been warned in the first place. If you can tell me why I was warned for something he did not take offense to, I'd love to hear it

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  3. neutral

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    Hey Python,

    This section is reserved for Shoutbox Ban Appeals. This is not a shoutbox ban- but rather a general forum warning.

    If you have questions about your warning then you're more than welcome to contact @Opalium privately. However we would like to reserve this forum section for it's intended purposes.

    EDIT: A quick note- Steam messages have a notorius reputation for being lost. I know for a fact Opalium has had this issue, as have I (in fact- we've discussed this before). I'd suggest going through the forum and sending a PM through there.

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